Website now has a certificate.

Hello Villagers,

I know my maintenance of this website hasn't been very great. But I'm trying to catch up.

Any bad links or any other remarks, let me know in the comments below.


René :bi:

  • cant get into the discord server and cant even find a server name. I dont get how we are supposed to join if there is no server name
  • The Village tab > FAQ > What is the idea of The Village?
    The link to "very limited set of rules" ( leads to a "Page not found"
  • Hi Rene... Posted photos in the gallery are not being featured in the "Recent Photos" on the homepage.
  • I informed Spaggie earlier about these and this is probably why you posted this but ill list them here anyway so they are all in one place.

    When creating a ticket and choosing priority for your ticket, the word critical is written "ciritical"
    On the front page there is a link to Spaggies website the link is invalid "http:/https:/" when it should be "https:/"
  • Didn't find so far. But I did realize that you are not between the highlighted customers of WoltLab