DayZ Encounter Guide

Do you have trouble with dealing with other survivors in DayZ? Don't look any further.

This guide will help you with that! I hope you enjoy!

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Resolution - Wayne Jones

Sky Skating - Geographer

Timelapsed Tides - Asher Fulero

Further Than Before - Late Night Feeler

Ether Oar - The Whole Other

Wonder - VYEN

Metaphor - Audionautix

  • Just a tip for any first verbal opening. Sound confident. If the first words out of your mouth are "are you friendly?"any person will assume you are a noob and crapping yourself. If you sound bright and breezy in an encounter you sound friendly but confident you can deal with aggression. May make some guys think twice about robbing/killing you. My opening line is "hello buddy and how are you doing today?"

    Just Jack CSF
  • Good advice! Usualy I comply to every demand is someone has a gun in his hands or have better gear then me.