Persistence and The Great Wall of Chernarus

Hello Villagers!

The DayZ Developers have halted the monitoring for now. We want to thank everyone who helped the past few weeks to maintain their bases and especially maintain the wall. Especially the ones that also filed bug reports!

There are two types of problems regarding persistence as it seems:

- Wipes at regular restarts // Fixed

- Wipes at crashes // Should be fixed in the future, also see the recent status report.

Like they said in the status report there is a solution on the way regarding persistence. They are not 100% sure that this is going to work yet but they are still testing this internally. They hope to bring it to Experimental within the next weeks.

Here are some words from the developers themselves to all of you!


It wasn't only the wall, but ALL the persistence reports we received since the issue started, that helped us pinpoint this problem. Please lets be clear, we are working on the fix, and we cannot confirm that it works 100 percent yet, there's still some intensive testing ahead.

Your wall project showed once more the creativity and passion of the community. We want to thank you guys for your energy and patience. It is a blessing (and sometimes weird, lets be honest) to have a community that can surprise you at any day with something new.

And of course, a major THANK YOU!

Here are also some words from Spaggie our server host, this wouldn’t be possible without him:


This is literally the best thing to happen on the village since the summer camp village imo, emergent gameplay and people talking to each other, shit is amazing. Proud to give a space for these folk to be awesome!

How to move forward
So if the server is not being monitored anymore, should we stop building the wall?

Obviously, this is completely up to you. The wall will continue being built if there is enough interest. Do you want to continue building the wall? The Great Wall of Chernarus?

It makes sense to me that at least a faction will grow out of this. Like we have the Village Guards surrounding the Village I think it makes sense that someone starts a faction around this.

Therefor I have reached out to a few of you who started or helped greatly with this project with this suggestion of creating a faction. If this is indeed the conclusion of this I will mention this in a separate post so you guys can join the faction if you want to.

I just want to thank everyone who participated in this project to bring back a special feeling in this server which resolved once again in a community wide project and got great attention from the rest of the DayZ Community! Thanks for bringing more life into Chernarus! 😊

We will let everything calm down for a bit from here and move forward with changes to the server.

Stay safe out there, and keep on surviving!

René :bi: