Help us report your base wipes!

Hello Villagers!

We need your help!

The next few weeks the Village server is extensively monitored by the developers in combination with Fragnet. We need you all to create base structures, this can be a barrel, tent or just a base in general. If it gets wiped, please report it to This does not need to be a big base. You can put a wall down, or just put a barrel down and monitor it.

This is what you need to mention:

- Server name/IP

- Time frame of when the wipe probably happened.

- Location (co-ordinates if possible)

- What was lost, did something remain?

I know we just passed the vote to winter chernarus, but we’re gonna postpone this for a few weeks. I feel this is justified because we are all benefited by working persistence and if we can help out the developers by doing this I think we should do this.

Please send all the links to your ticket to me so I can subscribe to them to and keep track of them just in case they get lost in a pile. You can do this via pms on the website or discord.

Thanks for your help and I hope we can tackle this together!

René :bi:

  • A barrel just got despawned. 18:00 hr server restart/crash. I'll give you location. Link for reporting doesn't work.