We have the possibility to add some mods to the Village server. Do you want it to become winter? Vote as you please!

Hello everyone,

Spaggie and team did some testing on another server of them so they feel comfortable to add some modifications to the Village server. We think it's nice to see if we can add the following options.

The choices are:

- Leave as it is

- Winter-Chernarus + Sullen Skies for Chernarus Plus
- Winter-Chernarus + Sullen Skies for Chernarus Plus + Clouds winter gear

Please go here to vote:


Thanks and keep on surviving!

René, Dusti, Watershed, Unquepa, TikTac'tical and super-bot :bi:

  • if you put in the winter mod, you also need to put in the winter clothing. But I'm also fine with staying vanilla. And please no other mods, other than the 3 named.
  • make it snow..
  • I'm new here. I like the server but I do not like the winter mod. Whenever you zoom in on any foliage or trees a distance away a lot of the leaves will disappear, horrible bug. Winter would steer me away.
  • Don't have a twitter account, so decision is yours. But it will become winter all the time or will we have a season change?
  • they also tested weapon redux on russia 11 anychance of that? or isit just what yous want to implement?
    • I'm not a fan of this mod tbh.
    • How often do you actually play the server tho? (Not to sound like a dick) all it is is the weapons from 62 plus 2 more, you can choose what weapons you actually want to spawn too
    • I play every other week or so. I played a life last week. Before that it was before Christmas. This mod is just a poor quality reskin of existing weapons. The scout is a mosin, the winchester too, etc. I've played it and it's not up to par.
    • Like I say you can choose what weapons spawn, so you don't like them don't include them, I bet the majority of the community would like to see a variation of weapons again
    • I think everyone wants more weapons, but if it is poorly done I don't see why we should add it. I'm sure we'll be getting more weapons soon.