Return of The Village

Hey Villagers!

I hope you had fun on the first day of the new DayZ Village with base building. I know I had!

The night time is really atmospheric and when I arrived at the Village location, some of you already set some stuff up, which was awesome to see.

I met loads of friendlies and also a couple of new faces. I got lost in the dark more than once!

Also see what Uncuepa made for us! An awesome little trailer to celebrate the NEW launch of the Village!

I just want to remind everyone to read the Village Rules carefully. We DO NOT allow the use of third party voip programs, so NO Discord, NO Teamspeak, NO skype, NO Steamchat or whatever.

Just use ingame communication. If you want to meet up with a friend I suggest to set a time and a meeting point.

We also don't allow constant griefing. If you come to the Village or any other public base to destroy everything, it will not be tolerated. Stealing for own use is no problem.

Things to improve:

- The night time isn't completely optimal yet. We'll have to tweak that so it's an actual cycle again.

- We also noticed some performance issues. I'm not entirely sure where that is coming from but we'll monitor that.

Please feel free to join the discussion in the comments so we can make this a place that everyone enjoys!

Don't forget to share your lovely screenshots in the Gallery!

Welcome back, and keep on surviving!

René :bi: