Goodbye and good luck to DanZ! :)

Hello everyone,

I have a little bit of sad news to share and that is DanZ is leaving us as a webhost and with this post I want to express my gratitude for his extreme dedication and enthusiasm he has given to this community as the webhost but also as a community moderator.

When DanZ first approached me I could hardly stop his enthusiasm and many, many ideas about and for the Village. He offered to make this website/community page and I am always super skeptical and careful about people reaching out to me who want something (I was also super tired on day 7 of the village). But I let my 'fears' go and DanZ created this whole website/community page in 2 days time. I was just blown away by it.

Dan, on behalf of the whole moderator team and the community, I hope we will still see you in Chernarus and in the Village in 0.63 and really… Thank you so much for your help on this awesome adventure which is called DayZ Village! I will shut up now because I have a few words from himself below:


  • Lovely guy! Miss you Dan <3
  • As a mentor to my beginning of moderating I thank you for your support through my introduction to this difficult job. Thank you DanZ, and best of luck with your future endeavors.

    I salute you good sir o7
  • Farewell brother, i'm sure we will meet again some day ;) <3
  • A big thanks to you DanZ , for all very good work, and good luck with the new family member.
  • A thousand thank yous DanZ. I'm sure your energy is being put to good use elsewhere for the greater good. Save some energy for those night feeds though dude, you're going to need that.
  • A big thanks to @DanZ for all your tireless work, much of which is done quietly in the background, and congrats on the bundle of joy!