COMPLETE WIPE INCOMING, this weekend! (edit)

Hello everyone,

The last couple of weeks I have received a lot of reports about performance issues and Spaggie and his team have received similar reports.

I logged in myself a couple of times last week and I found out that I indeed had the same experience.

Therefor we decided on a complete wipe including a character wipe. We don't know when exactly this will happen.

But as soon as we know more I'll edit this post so you're aware.

Server will be going offline at 1600 CET
BI will character wipe the server between 1600 and 1800 CET
Persistance will be wiped
Server will come back up ASAP

The fun thing about a wipe is that everyone will start collecting barrels as fast as they can. Now is your chance, to get one for yourself too. ;)

You can also follow us on Twitter and check out the Barely Infected Discord Channel at for additional information.

Don't forget to keep on surviving!