KEEP AN EYE ON HIM - Ep.4 - DayZ Village

Welcome to the fourth Episode of my DayZ Village series. In this episode some of the Villagers themselves cannot be trusted. I hope you enjoy!


  • The Village isn't a place, its a state of mind.
  • This is freaking awesome! I wish I could find the village so I can help contribute.
    • Don't get blinded, the Village in the Video isn't anymore, he is not quiet up to date with the current situation. Nowadays theyre more like Nomands and moving it every week nearly with little population. Times changed. There are other placed out there who are more interesting, turn on radio you might find them.
    • The settlement, Queens Guard, Chernarus Rangers & Mountain Men of Chernarus, That's kinda it for friendly factions; unless you're going for a bandit faction lots of little pockets of them.
    • Rob is right in some aspect, a lot has changed since these videos. We've always moved quite fast though. On average every 2 weeks. Sometimes a little sooner, sometimes later. The Village is still going though, not in the same way as on these videos. But it's still going. Help at the Village is always welcome. :)
    • Considering the village we see in the video (the very first one) has been up for 3 days, it was the village we spent the least time in.