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  • Good morrow thy Reverend, A new religious cult of our has reappeared to hail our Lord Dolos, God of Trickery and Deception. Dolos casts out a message for our members to deliver. Dolos would like to complete an alliance if possible. Gods amongst Gods, benefits amongst mortals will be indefinite. Thanks you for hearing our offer.
    • Hmm just read your faction page, "sacrificing virgins and practice in deceiving others"... Sounds pretty hardcore for my taste and I am not sure if you are trustworthy, pardon my frank works. We shall remain neutral right now with you but maybe we shall bump into each other one day and see what happens... Make it a great day Mr. Penguin! Sincerely, Reverend Stone
    • I do not blame you for your decision, neutrality It shall be. Another sun shall rise on the day we meet. Farwell bretheran.
  • Mr_Mokum out for now!?
    • Mr Mokum I put a private message to you through this website. I put a discord link also there if you want to join barelyinfected discord.
  • Afcourse i meant for the Fellowship of the Nails.. Its alreadyconfusing enough as it is.. Sorry Vader Forgive Us... All of us
  • It could be like, yes Vader.... Thank you Reverend Stone, for this second chance, Mr Miyagi's much appreciated to be part of something greater, Honor too they, Honour to us all and godbless.

    One of the Gatekeepers
  • I've left you a delivery at the church. It's on the right hand side of the door once you arrive at the church. Bring a shovel.

    • Cheers Doc, we will try to provide as many medical supplies and clothing we can. If you can you can write me through conversations (top right corner) and tell me where your hidden barrel is so we can bring stuff there. Sincerely, Reverend
  • hello reverend can we meet us ? i want to talk with you
  • Honorable Reverend Stone, we have been farming human meat from hostile players who have failed to overcome us. These players are a mixture of previous members cast out from our faction as well as some that have gone rogue without their faction leader knowing. We make this offer to you to make contact and collect these 12 ripe morsels per school bag so you can appease your lord. Please visit our HQ or make contact via radio. Best regards, The Queen's Guard.
    • What a kind offer Sergeant. We will contact you and make a trip to your HQ someday soon or contact with a radio. Big respects to your faction for this offer. Lord Dagoth and it`s pack will be more than pleased to have some flesh for their hungry mouths.
  • Next time you try something like that on the stalingrad fronts leader, I will make sure you work for us as a full time gulag employee :) PS: thanks for the tent.
    • Damn, my precious AKM was jamming, I didn`t know that it is even possible that those soviet weapons could jam. Luckily my good ol` 1911 worked. I was trying to rag and tie your leader JayKenobi and take him as a captive but apparently you as his bodyguard saved him. Good job, well fought. We shall meet again soon... :)
    • Its funny because you had a pristine AKM and I had a worn one, no jamming here :)
    • and btw im not his bodyguard, im co leader of the stalingrad front.
    • Yeah the guns just clicked even when I repeatedly press "r" and tried to unjam the bullet. I even switched a magazine but still did not work. All this while I was trying to catch Jay. :D Wiser man would have maybe retreated to fix his weapon but...

      Aah I see you are a co-leader. Well that was quite an introduction of yourself! I hope we see again :)