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  • Can offer a car tent or 2 civ tents? Or are you looking for some weapons? But how can I trust you when it says you are wanted!? Is this just a "play" in your book, to get some easy kills?
    • Im not interested in tents, People value them way too much on this server when they are really common. Weapons intrest me. And you cant trust anyone in this game. its just the risk you have to take if you want the barrel, ive got plently of business you take the risk or you move on.
    • Just lemme know Whats you want. Ill take the risk.
    • What i want really are weapons or mags + ammo
    • Ar? Sniper? Pistols?
    • Ar and snipers. not intrested in pistols
  • Still got some barrels for sale? Any color is appriciated. And what do you want for it?