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  • Chill day today...
  • You guys know what happened, I'm not gonna say but you know.. Don't go back for now until we figure something out.
  • ( P.S. ) Armband colors for the Big Irons has changed to White!
  • Wow! Amazing Progress is being made, I cannot disclose too much Information about what's going on but the village is well secured and with combined forces, no bandits stand a chance!
  • The order is back at Cherno, new members are joining our cause and we will soon plan a trip up north to acquire better firearms for our soldiers. God bless you all and god bless Cherno.
  • The fight at Berenzino was great and all but sadly due to rival bandits in the area, leaving the factory caused the deaths of many spectators including myself and my faction men. Sad times my friends when one chooses to coward in the Darkness...
  • Will be visiting the FIght at Berenzino and giving out drinks and food to all viewers of the brawl free of charge! Hope to see you there!
  • Please note Cherno will not be protected 24/7 as we are humans and not robots, our citizens must protect themselves.
  • Quiet for about a month now, our goals as a Faction has gone back and forth and we are now focused on combing forces with other factions and patroling Cherno as much as possible. Note out armband colors have changed from Green to RED so if you're in Cherno and looking to meet with one of our faction members, look for a red armband! Cherno will be empty every so often due to trips from Cherno to Tisy and back, power is priority.
  • Churno Police Station has been Ransacked by Bandits, Front door was broken into, All guns and ammo gone, 2 Tents taken as well. It's hard to be civilized when we know anyone will take the chance to steal if they have the chance but we can move on. We can offer good deals with anyone who has info on the specific bandits who raided the Churno Survivors. Our voice has spread deep into the village and good connections with the Village Gaurd and Steel Wolfs has been achieved.
  • Cherno Police Station is now High Priority to keep Safegaurded. Adventuring is quite risky with the chance of being ransacked, but we have eyes everywhere.
    Currently in good communications with fellow Bounty Hunter Factions. Any Bandits will have quite the surprise.