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  • Check Steam messages bud o7
  • Hey Kamikazekoe! I heard there was a accident at your base today resulting in death? I took a peak around to see what all the gossip was but it turns out there was a fridge full of snacks left for you! How safe can CSF really be if they can't protect themselves? Maybe a responsibility too big to handle? The future will only tell. I love the sound of flowing blood.
    Clam Chowder
    PS. Dr. Wazowski is no longer in Chernarus, although he has taught me all of his medical skills, if you ever need help just give me a shout on 87.8!
    • Uhm yeah that is what you got with different timezones sadly enough and only a fool would be dumb enough to think that he can protect everybody in this world ;).
  • Dear Kamikazekoe, Sorry for all the mischief we have caused to your base. I have left a fridge full of goodies for you and your buddies to enjoy at your front gate!
    Your's sincerely,
  • Hey bud. If you keep on making videos you won't regret it. You will gain more knowledge and experience and I have no doubt you will make a living from this. It's all about self belief. Don't let this dream slip away. Go for it whole heartedly and one day you will remember these days as the beginning of something amazing. Go for it buddy and never look back.
  • Yo buddy. I'm at work but managed to get out of the village in one piece earlier this evening. I'll be heading back to base tomorrow morning.
  • What happened to the server today. Is the base ok?
  • Hey bud. I got an armoury up and running 😉
  • Bloody hell. Well done on the tent and barrel. My character who had 2 FNX and mags and an MP5 and mag ready to stash as the beginning of an armoury spawned in and had red flashing blood????? Wtf....then fell down and died before I could bandage. I'm at Solnichy so when I finish work at 8am I'm going to pop over and check out the base.
  • Yo dude. You finished the front gate yet?
  • Yo dude. Check Steam for my message o7
  • I got a car wheel! God damn I'm walking slow lol
  • Yo dude. How you doing. I met a German guy named Freddy. We had some great adventures. Cheated death a few times. He is normally a lone wolf but may contact you to join CFS. He seems like a real good guy. I hope all is going well for you and the other faction members. I spawned up north so may take a few days to loot up and get to base. See you soon buddy.
    • Yeah cranky and I meeted up yesterday before a setback placed me again hy our base en him in elektro(we had meet up in staroye) already found some boxes of nails
    • Nice work on the nails. Our base used to spawn them quite regularly. I still ain't found any nails but will search for some on my way south.
    • Well you were lucky then, didn't find any there so far there
  • Hello buddy. Can you update the Faction details to include uniform of Blue Beret or blue Ballistic helm
  • I was thinking about uniforms. How about green military clothing with Blue beret. Would make us easy to identify to friendlies. We would look a little like United Nations peacekeepers. Appropriate?

    If you like the idea I can go in search of Blue military Berets

    P.s. I will contact you on Steam tomorrow for a chat if you are available o7
  • Hello buddy. How you doing?
  • nice dude
  • Hello bud