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  • hey mate, i was just about to contact you after the server crash, but somehow i got banned. it said something like "S2ttrBan reputational something"
    i checked spaggies website and found out that they use some kind of "intelligent" algorithm which monitors "who i play" (WTF!?, but ok).
    first i thought its because of the ingame typing from yesterday, but it seems not. got no clue. i filled out the unban formular. well duno how long it takes till i get an answer. cu later mate
  • hey karrigan, i have some trouble with my voip, nobody can hear me talking ingame, even if i switch through the channels. do u have an idea how to fix this?
    • it seeems to work agian...
    • Bobby! How you doing brother. Remember to always have the game in english (lenguage). Some stuff don´t work properly when you use other lenguages. See U!
    • hey my friend, im doin fine! how are you? was trying to contact you that day again and agian :) well i also meet the timberwolves and i was happy to know you since they didnt kill me when i was telling im am friend with you ( just have a look at their faction forum and u will see what happened) hope to see you soon mate!
    • Jajaja all good brother. Yep, i read some of it in the forum. Good to hear that. Gordon and his guys are very good people and they like pvp a lot, so they always a good company. Im always trying to have my radio on when im on the server. Default frecuency or the last one (102). So we need to keep in touch.
  • Hey Karrigan !! How are you doing ?

    Is it possible for us to get "89.5" Frequency for our faction "THE OUTLANDERS"
    • How you doing man. Sure. Please confirm if it is 94.6 (as it said in your faction threat) or 89.5. Then i just edit and and send to @Danz to update the current image. Have a good one!
    • To help you guys choose, this is the last update radio frequencies: i.imgur.com/BZR9zBH.png . There are already 3 factions on 89.5. I can add you there if you guys want, but i would recomend to choose some other just for yourself. Just let me know xP
    • okay we confirm 94.6 !!!
      that would just be fine for us ....

      WE earlier thought it would be too crowded so we asked for other

      but confirmed 94.6

      Thanks man
    • No problem dude. Adios!
    • Thanks brother !!
  • Could you let me know what i need to do for our faction Hunters Hearth [HH] to get ourown radio frequency? Thank you!
    • How you doing bro. Just tell me what frequency you use in your faction and i add it to the image. At the moment, you have "94.6" that is absolutly free so if you confirm i put HH on that. (Also you can choose one -frequency- that has already been chosen because few factions that use it constantly). Image: i.imgur.com/EoV5EtJ.png . Adios!
    • Ok wonderful. I am confirming 94.6 to be HH frequency! And thank you!