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  • Hey, I've already appealed there and have been waiting for 1 week
  • Hey Axe, I was wondering where the current location of the settlement is?
    • Hey man, get on the radio 87'8 or 91.3 and find out! We will speak in game!
  • Hey Axe its Aran, hopefully our next mission ends a little better than the first ;)
  • Greetings mister Axe! I am the captain of the land pirates! and we are willing to trade with you folks!
  • Hey Axe, as I posted before, I am interested in trading. At the moment, I have some ammunition (AK74, SKS, Nato), Scopes (1x PU, 1x PSO-1-1), 2 UMP Mags & 1 FAL Mag to offer. I am looking for a Hunting Backpack and a high cap vest. Are you interested?
    best wishes, Scantrax
    • I am now close to Krasnostav. How can I recognize you guys? I am afraid of running into some bad guys, so it would be great, if I know who I am looking for.
    • Cowboyhat and Yellow-armband
  • Hey axe just letting you know i recently dropped off a cargo truck for you guys up near your other v3s hope it comes in handy i did how ever take the battery out so know one would take it on you guys. Also i have a lot of gear on me for you guys to, hope to see you all soon. :)
  • hi mate, can i join to you guys ? we was see eichoter tonight =))
  • can you add me to the settlement mate
  • Axe or Settlement members, i came to visit just a little bit ago and no one seemed to be around. Is there someway to know when people will be around so i can adjust my play schedule? If i had a tent, i would just camp out till you get back and have you wake me up. ;)
    • Ahh yes. Most of us are Europe so you could adjust to that. However, we have some people from the US too. We only do in-game daytime trading so keep that in mind too. Hopefully we will meet soon
  • Hey Axe, This is Robot, we met yesterday, I am interested in joining oyu guys so if there's anything i can do to help and prove myself let me know.
    • Ofcourse man! Ask me or Ritchie when you are at the Settlement. Dirty can also help
  • Hei axe, what about my membership?
  • Hei, Axe, this is Alberto, rember me? Can i join your settlement, and oh, your boys shot at me for no reason this night
  • hey, it is me frisk. the guy with the red track suit
  • Hey Axe sorry for attacking the old Sattlement at the Construction site. If you don't remember me i was the crazy guys who always needed "special pills"... People change in this times where war is everywhere.
    • He hey! We still got some pills if you need any man. The best wars are the ones that are not needed to be fought. But as spaceman stated: Good deeds repair a mans reputation :)
    • I've looted up to the state i was Full gear and went to Green Mountain to give the UN Guys my gear, i've dropped it on the ground and they killed me, and second time i've went to The Settlement and gave you guys shit tons of ammo :D But 50% of my body is saying YES to be Friendly but the other 50% is saying NO. I think if i was friendly then lots of people would like to kill me anyway... I've did a post on a forum like 3 days go saying that im sorry to all the people i've killed but they didn't forgive me. Im still thinking what should i do, it was alway fun to chill and talk with you guys.
    • Keep your head up and your soul proud. Do what you feel you would get the most enjoyment out of. God speed!
  • hello Axe i am the gid soldier, if you remember me by this days trades ;) I mayby will trade wery mutch whit you, if its ok?
  • Hey Axe
    I'm about to post a little video were you sing some songs, and I hope you can forgive me for butchering them in the way I do. But as you kept going for about two hrs I thought I shorten the video a bit. I hope thats allright? Just thought I tell you and thank you for that lovely evening.

    See you about!
  • axe its dirty-balls I finally got some pelts for ya let me know if your gonna be about ill try to get them to camp
    • That is just perfect Dirty! I am currently set-up inside of the Village. Catch me on channel 102.5 whenever you get on
  • Hey Axe it's me Emil, if we move the Village i'd be glad to help you rebuild your Shop. If there's anything you need the AS got your back :)
  • Best guy in village :)