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  • Welcome back happy wedding bro!
  • hey! THe other servers came up after maintenance but the village server isnt there_ Do you happen to know if its coming online anytime soon
  • Hello Dan. Is the server down? I cant seem to find it.
    • Hey.. it was down due to technical issues. Should be running again. Cheers.
  • Yo, I understand you throwing one of my shit posts to the crypt about cowards...I was a bit drunk ...but whats with the Updated list post being trashed? I dont even remember posting that (if I did) and why was that deleted? just curious
    • I honestly have no idea... so much going on and we just try to keep the place nice and tidy. Just don’t ya take crypt moving personal! :)
    • gotcha, no I dont take the crypt personal I was drunk and makin' no sense...every dog has his day and that wasnt mine...in fact I got a video coming up about why it wasnt my day lol, an' people probablly not gonna like it...its all good man, I say this with a smile an raise my glass ;) keep up the good work bro ;)
  • Hello, I was banned on your server for VAC ban on my Steam account, the fact is that I bought this account on the site for the sale of steam acounts and it already had VAC ban. So can I access the game on your server again? or do I need a new account without VAC ban?
  • Your back?
    • Somehow.. even though I didn't find the time to play on The Village recently.
  • Hey man. I sorry to hear you’re leaving DayZ! I don’t think I actually got chance to run with you on a mission ☹️. Do you think you’ll be back for Beta?
  • my friend needs to know how to join a faction... any idea so i can help him out. thanks for your time :)
    • They simply need to navigate to your faction and click the "Apply" button. You will receive a message for each application. Navigate to your faction and click "Manage Faction" - you will see all applications (if any) and can accept or deny those.
    • Oh ok... thanks for your assistance. It is very appreciated. :)
  • Hello, can the knights of the brotherhood get the castle west of lopatino?
  • Hi Dan, I am David, just talked to Axe from the settlement, because my name in the game is USUARIO (user in spanish) I just want to change it to VITO if that is ok...
    How should i proceed?
  • Want to meet somewhere to have a chat just me
    • Sure thing. I will contact you with a location and time once I am in game (in a couple of hours).
    • Ok bro will be fun because slaven and axe were cool guys and now i think different of people :) im sure ur a cool guy!
  • Can we meet up so me and a friend can appoligise for what we done
    • Hey! You guys are playing bandits - really no need to apologise. We still can meet up - maybe some neutral ground. Gorka?
    • no we are playing neutral now we are a new faction named The British Force and want to help people and we would like to say sorry to you and if u could pass the message on to the villagers if we met in gorka and give our side of the story
    • I will. But you have to understand that it will take a while to rebuild trust.
  • Hey DanZ, I was at The Village tonight when it got attacked, so I figured when I heard there was only one guard on, my friend Nal Mac "The Magnum Man" by himself, I decided to apply and help protect The Village or die trying. The Village needs more people protecting it, and I'd be more than willing and happy to join and help protect it.
    • That’s the spirit! Please apply directly at the faction (Village Guards).
  • How do you invite members to your faction?
  • Hi Dan, how do we get our faction moved from hostile to neutral? we had some misunderstandings when initially founding the group and want to change because we are not bandits
    • The faction leader has to "edit the faction" and change it from hostile to neutral. Let me know if you can't find the option.
  • i was banned, idk why can i get unbanned? if i was banned for a reason atleast tell me what it was for....
  • i need help the server is not popping up for me
    • 1) Make sure "Community" is selected
      2) unmark all checkboxes
      3) use the IP displayed on the right sidemenu in the forums list "The Village Server"
  • How and When will we know if the faction is officially registered and active to be worked under ?
    • Once you've registered your faction and got at least 2 members you can contact @uncuepa to claim an area of the map. Also @karrigan if you plan on using a certain frequency.
  • What criteria do factions need to be under to be moved to Inactive?
  • How can my members accept my invite the clan invite on this site? They get the notification that they were invited but they don't see a accept button..
  • Hello! I've got a question. I still don't know how to accept people on my group. I wish you could help me?
    I've got it on application mode, my friend just sent it, but it doesn't say where to accept it.
  • Danz, where on the website is the application for guard ? I'm sure im overlooking it somewhere