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  • Today i realized why you guys cower in the darkness and KOS... you are such lousy shots, that if players would see where you are, you stand no chance :D almost as bad as me :D
    2 shooters, 40 bullets, barely 1 hit... and i had 20% stamina... i could barely run
    • If you were the player that escaped us at the gas station when you saw our car, then let me tell you it was your lucky day indeed. My comrade is too trigger happy and couldn't wait for a perfect shot. If I was alone, I would of had some photographic evidence of your demise too.
    • Yup that was me :)
      I call it a tactical retreat :D
      2 against 1 ... no cover... too far for the shotty... too close for the winnie... and surely not enough stamina to swap trees for cover...
      It was exciting tho :)

      Only thing is, i thought you said you guys don't KOS if gun is not drawn?
      I could have taken some cheap shots while you were inside/coming out of the car..

      Anyway.. 'till next time.. maybe you'll have better luck :)