[S.M.O.K.E] Kills

We saw this one between Green Mountain and Sosnovka, he had no chance to react. A suppressed M70 Tundra was too good to turn down. Another to add to the collection.

He made the classic mistake of running through an open field.



Comments 8

  • Ever considered to simply hold up and rob the person?
    Or are you too chicken for that? :D
    • We do not take undue risks.
    • You know, it would make a much better story....
      "I held this guy up, took his gear, and send him on his way naked"
      "I got held up by these guys, they took my gear and sent me home naked"
      Rather than
      "I was just walking and got killed on sight"
    • We aren't here to make stories; we are here to survive.
      We cannot compromise our own safety.
    • Others are here for the stories, chicken :P
    • We will make an example of you, watch your back.