The village at summer camp by devils castle 1

For a new project i am rebuilding some of the old village on my own server as it has come in mine video's here the first result. I will be making the village fully build from what i can from other videos as a kind of tribute to the builders


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  • It looks good man what's it supposed to be for? Just for the pictures or are you reenacting things?
    • I am trying to make a intro for my village series where I pan over the map to locations where something happend where I then zoom it and show a bit of basebuilding when it was the best that I have seen.
    • But I am gonna try to remake some old villages on their top of the building, using video's from other for the layout. For this I am gonna atleast make screenshots and maybe a video in the honor of the builders. Especially after all the talks about base building lately