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    Yeah, I think my damaged one was cutting too. Now that I have worn radio, there's literally no one on the radio. I turn it on the deafult frequency from time to time, leave it for a couple of minutes and then turn it off since the static noise is annoying me.

    Yeah not sure why they’ve made it have a constant static noise not one walkie talkie I’ve used in real life does that lol

    We tested the radios last week with a few of us members and atleast at short range the don't work that wel, we just heard parts of sentences. But yeah I agree is to bad had some nice talks on the radio few months back

    It's possible condition(damaged/pristine/wet) of the radio has something to do with it, we've heard different reports of how it works. However yesterday we did a test between a base radio and a handheld radio from a decent distance and we were communicating perfectly fine, so i'm not sure why no ones using them.

    Since our return to the village server we've noticed a lack of communication on the radios. In about a week maybe a little more since we've returned we have yet to make any contact on the radio, we check the radio on each frequency at least once an hour randomly as well as anytime we approach a base or the village, we also run a base radio very often whenever we are at our base. During all these checks we have never heard anyone on the radio. So i'm curious have we just been having bad luck at the times we check or are other people experiencing the same lack of communication through the radio?

    Back in the day you could turn on the radio and 80% of the time within a few minutes you could make contact with at least 1 person if not multiple groups. We are urging everyone to keep a base radio on inside your bases while you're there and to turn a radio on and check it on the top of each hour, this is something we used to do back in the day and really helped people communicate things and check in allies and such.

    Let me know everyone's experience with the radios whether you're making contact with people or rarely hearing anyone! Thanks

    Disable base destruction is a risky mod bc eventually everyone will make bases that cannot be boosted into, then people will quit playing and there will be massive abandoned bases causing performance/loot table issues. I think just about everyone would be on board with longer destruction times though.

    However for long time players of this server we all know the way shit head bandits come here to play, despawning/destroying everything.

    Don’t get discouraged! Build small, build safe and build more than one location to guarantee somewhere to fall back on and good luck out there :D

    1. Double as much day as there is night be it 1 hour of night 2 hours of day or 2 hours of night 4 hours of day, whatever don't remove nights though.

    2. Fix persistence who knows how long it will be until devs do, we've played on many servers where persistence is working just fine and have noticed zero performance issues not sure whats holding back the village from doing the same its really pushing a lot of players away though.

    3. Remove the no external voip rule, as much as it sounds good in theory its just not a practical rule, theres no way to enforce it at all other than good faith by the players themselves and as we all know you run into people having fights against you who never speak but seem to communicate perfectly. I'd guess 90% or more of players are using discord/teamspeak anyway.

    We did a recent test(2 days ago) with the press vest which people say also provides protection. We fired 1 shot of AKM into a persons chest dead center wearing a press vest only with no shirt under from about 8 feet away and it took them to mid yellow health. We did the same test to a person wearing a high capacity vest, the results were the same for both vests, mid yellow health. We repeated this test on full health people using and M4 which took them to red health.

    So as far as we can see the press vest and high cap vest provide the same protection. As for the ballistic vest we plan to repeat this test soon. Curious if anyone else has tested it.

    If 62 Village was populated we would be back in there daily, 63 is incomplete and most people have done all there is to do. Of course when 63 goes to the village we will make a return.

    Also I don't remember saying we shouldn't strive for a village I think it's a great idea and great for the popularity of the server I'm sure you'll ignore the fact that my faction who's been here since the start helped the village many times until things went sour. I was simply stating that currently, VG are inactive and there is no sound village like earlier times on the village so not sure where you got that idea

    Sarge if you cannot stop your negativity around the Village in public channels or whatsoever you can go and find another community to enjoy yourself in. The Village is the reason why everyone and you is here and while the Village is way past its glory days it can still be an idea to strive for or to gather behind. That still doesn't mean there isn't a Village btw. With 0.63 just around the corner and this patch being out for so long there is less just activity in the server in general. Let's just try and keep things positive and quit the drama.

    Didn't know stating a fact was "negative" just seems like you target anyone who says anything that doesn't support your personal agenda of holding VG as the king of the castle.

    It's only been the last week that the server has been quiet! The weeks before hand I was waiting in qeues for upto 45 mins due to them being anywhere from 20-35 man long! This week has been dead quiet though, notice the server po was low this evening :(

    yeah people seem to have just given up in the past week or two and exp isn't even out yet so by the time full .63 hits idk what the future will be here unfortunately

    Well he tried hard to make it happen :D

    never tried to make there be no village we attacked with good reason and guards ran and scurried like rats begging for forgiveness each day. Of course we want a village to be there it helps the server ya goofy

    You guys can keep pretending there's some big active village lol but anyone on the the server knows the truth. The server hardly even reaches full pop, I watch player list all the time only about 3 guards even play no need to make things up?