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    Ok great. Im at work so cant see. Do we log in just the same? (sorry im a noob)

    You should verify the integrity of the game files after downloading the patch. Go to steam, right click dayz and go to properties. From there choose "verify integrity of the game files" After that it will show you three boxes, I myself marked all those so it will remove the old data. After the verification is complete, the new patch will work better without problems with the old data.

    After the recent base rape at the Berenzino church structure (sympathies Reverend)

    Thanks mate! It was a known risk when we announced the event publicly. But still hoped the church would have stayed up longer than that! I agree that it is too easy to demolish bases and it must be a great temptation because one can get plenty of nails easily. I think that those who demolished our walls and metal sheets, got like 700-900 nails. <X But yeah I hope the devs make up somekind of a nice solution, so people are not disheartened of building big bases.

    Was fun night. Thanks for all the participants and sorry for all the innocents who got killed. I drank a full canister of gasoline and some mushrooms and even stuffed some plums in my throat.... I don`t remember the rest. All I know is that my hands are still in blood WTF. GG for all those who managed to escape from Berezino alive. :thumbup:

    Hmm.. Isn't that some kind of grief? :rolleyes:

    There was not an apparent reason to destroy pretty much every wall there, other than trolling..

    Yeah I guess it can be considered griefing although one can get nails back fully if they demolish the planks off from the frames. So I guess it is a thin line between griefing and stealing the nails. But yeah, I am not happy about it at all X/

    Someone has destroyed pretty much our whole church`s structures. There is not much left now so all those who will come tonight, I must apologize but the security of the area is no longer very good and we have no time to rebuild the place for the night.

    Would an unarmed sinner be welcomed into this holy event?

    Sure thing Lika! Welcome to the party, but I must say you have gained quite a reputation for yourself as a stone cold killer so I cannot guarantee your safety. Heck I cannot even guarantee mine HAHAHA! Everybody is welcomed today, we don`t look at the past today, we celebrate the future of Berezino! And the rule stays, firing guns is prohibited inside compound. So no one is allowed to shoot even if you hate someones guts. We gotta solve quarrels outside like they did in old times. Duel to death!

    Life has been good in Berezino. After the election a man named Baker was chosen as the Mayor of Lower Berezino. He has been a busy man ever since and we have seen more and more people moving to our part of town, thanks to our new Mayor. Because Berezino is flourishing these days and we have just finished building our church, Mr. Baker had an idea of organizing a little party to celebrate the success of lower Berezino. Our faction, The Church of Dagoth has also finished building our Church so that is why I am honored to invite every man and woman around this country to have a party with us tomorrow. Leave your quarrels and faction tags to the front door and lets all have a pleasant evening. And please don`t take your fanciest guns and clothing unless you are prepared to lose them. There are still alot of terrorists around... Oh one more thing, we got some food and drinks but the more food, drinks, flares and glow sticks we get the better the party gets!

    Rules of the party:

    - As you enter the area you accept that your invetory is checked in case of mines, mines are forbidden

    - guns accepted inside the area

    - no trashing of our church

    - no harassment or racism of any kind etc.

    - all conflicts must be solved outside the church area

    - mushrooms and hallucinogens are accepted

    - use the coffins and condoms if you just need to do your thing and you cant resist the temptation

    Welcome to Berezino folks, the land of milk and honey. Saturday 16th of February at 10pm GMT. Lets rave on shall we!