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    towards Rodney's comment (welcome aboard btw!) That's the rub, if we go whitelist we lost the random people who happened into the server. That said, those are usually the ones either not aware of the rules, or actively disregarding them. I've personally witnessed big name streamers using third party comms to coordinate. I've also encountered people who had no idea there was a comms rule (people like me typically disable server messages for immersions sake.)

    What I would suggest is exactly what DUG has done. You signup for the whitelist, the server is mostly open to all but during specific events or whatnot, only whitelisted users can access the server. In this way, the "try before you buy" model still fits. I personally don't think providing your steamID is that much effort because it's literally not.

    In this way, everyone can signup, people who don't can still play until the admins determine and event should be whitelisted, or maybe a whitelisted weekend here and there. Once you get a few interactions on the village you'll be willing to sign up I'd think.

    so I spent the day running around on a 1.4 server, working car sound glitch is still present. I didn't measure it but I'd say it's about 150m but you actually have to be somewhat facing the car for it to go off and it's very close to a distant supressed shot, if you are running with gear you'll probably miss it.

    Drove around in 3 different cars that I found by noticing the sound, looking around until it gave me a hint of the direction.

    I'm confused as to why nvidia experience would cause this, but I also don't push audio from the gpu so it could be related to that.

    Wouldn't it be benefitial to make the server whitelisted with some sort of application form like on DUG? This would ensure that every player is familiar with the rules and values his access to the server.

    This almost exclusively creates a massive player count drop and is likely why DUG is whitelisted but only turns on the list occasionally (unless that's changed. I'm whitelisted so I wouldn't notice)

    I would say the Village has enough of a following that it's always towards the top of the browser so there should be enough players willing to sign up to keep it mid to high pop at most times.

    That car-bug, does that have any fix?

    Unless it's some server side thing, not to my knowledge. I haven't found a vehicle on 1.4 so I don't know if this was resolved. 50m maybe to 150m I'd guess, always within visual range

    Could be, I guess they have to implement sunflowers to start being able to make cooking oil :D

    I seem to recall completely destroying my truck in dayz MOD by running into a field of sunflowers that apparently were made of cement.

    1/2 way there :D

    Hey, how does it look like finding better weapons here?

    I have seen many people from AK / M4, and I can not get myself for over a week ...

    thanks in advance for your answer. :saint:

    green shipping containers spawn military loot, doubt you'll find a gun in the coastal containers though. honestly, you should be hitting the first military outpost close to you at spawn, I like to hit the one near gorka on my way up. Staroye is also good for guns but I've rarely been there alone. Personally, I'm all about anything I can attach that tasty hunting scope to.......

    This might not have been mentioned but..

    How you cook matters. If you cook steak in a cooking pot with WATER, it's boiled and provides less nutrition than if you cooked in in a pot with animal fat and no water, I think that counts as baked.

    I have experience the "Server dies, right before or after something important of course I get screwed." lol

    I will indeed keep an eye on it, happened twice to me on the village in the same day and the second time took 5 real life minutes for the queue to count down and it only was at 30 pop and got back to 27 when i got back on, there shouldn't be a queue at all in that case, server was accepting users and it was less than the max player count.

    Anyhoo, I think we've all experienced the second point. the funniest was back when there was still a massive lag base in cherno ontop of one of the buildings. I climbed up to inspect, found nothing of interest, went back down only to meet a dude trying to climb up. He askes me to follow him to watch him jump, I said sure then ran off to watch. The second that kids corpse hit the ground the server dropped and it was not a regular restart.

    Thanks guys, ive done some research on you tube and my respawn now has a couple of gas canisters and a stove. I just need a pot now and im off hunting. What seasoning goes best with wild boar? Haha

    I think my problem has been my infatuation with trying find good guns, camo clothes, etc to compete in a playstyle im never going to do, and then forgetting about food and water being top priority.

    My fresh spawn has a different mindset now.

    depending on your location on the map and playtimes, I could just gift you my cooking pot. Zero luck finding the stove on this life. Well no, I did find one within 2 seconds of spawning but who has room for that on the beach? no one.

    So this is what I do, occasionally using the fireplace inside a house, you are slightly less visible at least...

    But my holy grail is the cooking pot + camp stove + propane tank. You can cook a bunch of steaks up anywhere putting off such a tiny amount of light no one will notice you. And now that you can rotate shit, you can cram it full of steams.

    Pro-tip i literally just learned because 1k+ hours in dayz mean nothing..... You can cook food in the cooking pot without water if you put some animal fat in there, which is also edible.

    So about that queue, this is the weird part and I've seen this twice.

    Server dies, right after something important so of course I get screwed. Wait for a few minutes, check salauncher, 6-10 people are in the server. I attempt to join, queue of 45 that literally goes down by 3 users every 2 or 3 minutes. Exit queue, refresh launcher, see 30 something people in. queue is slightly smaller, time is still rediculous, 5 real life minutes to get in. So I'm confused...

    27 people were on the server when it went down. 4 minutes later it's 100 people trying to join? Nah, I think there's also some issue with that rejoin queue ontop of the server crashes.

    I would suspect that it's off the table as that would add a bunch of complexity to an already complex group of systems. I would love it, everyone wants it, you CAN attach long range scopes to mosins in real life. Maybe something that may come as a feature update after the core game and mechanics are nailed down?

    I still can't make a bow so I'm not going to hold my breath but it sure would be neat. In fact, so neat that i'm surprised there isn't a mod for this already.

    I'm not the only person who expected some type of custom crafting and such, it's kind of a no brainer really. Add the option to tape custom scopes and crap on there with a slight penalty for it being custom. Maybe the zeroing isn't right on, maybe there's a dispersion penalty.

    But the ability to modify guns was actually promised. Those stupid work benches ARE in game. That was teased as the means to mount a hunting scope on a mosin again. Mods already have 20x scopes for m4, let us craft a improvised acog attachment rail.

    Excellent! So, if I see someone undressing a corpse to loot, I'll just wait for him to finish doing hes stuff then I'll go greet him!

    That or do the smart thing (assuming you are armed) and hold the guy up at the worst possible moment for him, like when he's not got a gun out and is sorting loot.

    If you bump into a fully dressed red medic, can you please spare the guy? In exchange he can give you an O- blood bag? Pretty please? :)

    As long as you don't creep up on me undressing a corpse to loot it AND my mic is working, DEAL! In fact, I might even join you on your quest to heal all the survivors