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    i lost baby ak today but besides that it's all good. i was rolling with Varchar for few hours today.

    yeah, that was quite a run we had there :) we should do it more often man. and say hi to Lewis from me when you see him.

    Im currently unable to play but if i can resolve the issue im happy to run withyou again.

    had similar experiences myself i've been sniped at from their base when passing by atleast 200meters out without even contacting them so they have no idea who i am. I dont know if they were warning shots or if they are just shit shots but they were definitely at me.

    Outnumbered! ? live a couple of days with the village guard and try maintain the base for a few days from constant attacks and despawning then you will truly know the meaning of been outnumbered.

    Hahaha, When i say outnumbered i mean fighting the settlement. They are a full army.

    You have yourself a few choices, You can join the "good side" which would be the settlement, queens gaurd and that lot. Or you can join me and my guys in the empire. We are outnumbered by alot but thats nothing a few bullets cant fix.

    You may of encountered me yesterday, Yesterday i put my acts of banditry to aside and went on a trip handing out presents. My stash was filling up and considering its Christmas time i decided to do something good. Had an amazing time and met plenty of new and wonderful people.


    Santa (Me)

    My 6 little helpers.

    The settlements personal tent, Lots of goodies in there even a functional UMP.

    Remember in the mod when Kamenka was literally the worst spawn? How the tables have turned

    Kemenka a bad spawn? Never quickiest way up to Bor trader/ Nw airfield. Hop on your bike and you got urself a gun in 5 mins

    Oh no we upset the furries. What a shame.

    Thing is, your fur friends provide the best meat and leather in the game, so as long as they continue to wander into open fields, they'll continue to get .308s tearing through their ass. I'm not necessarily sure the collective that is the Village is scared of a bunch of furries from Elektro attacking us either lmao

    Can you use their pelts? i thought they were glitched and their only use was to make you look like an aeroplane while holding them.

    I guess i should apologize,

    I was forced to kill 6 packs yesterday, I have no idea why they kept spawning on me but they did i guess. At one point i had two packs on me at once.

    Nah, we chased him off into the trees. We weren’t all in the house, a few of us were hiding outside and overheard you plotting ?. Trojan was actually pretty much next to you and screamed “Taaaake iiiiit” as he opened fire. Bloody made me jump tbh!

    Good, he was innocent. I just happened to bump into lewis by chance up on that hill, i was going for my stashed ak i guess you found it? I had no idea what happened i was just given a shotgun and ammo and sent on a final charge.

    Yes the house clip, now we are getting closer. When you, Lewis the one armed with the axe were plotting in the garden. So you dooooo have the clip. Bravo, give us all a laugh then, good fellow. Tis the season to be jolly after all.

    Please tell me you didnt kill the friendly guy i was with? Not lewis there was another guy i took up into the woods with me. And just looked i dont have the clip :( trying to cut down on shit cuz i got about 200gb of dayz shit ;/ Wish i did have it i remember it was pretty fun. I just ran out the trees and got sprayed from the house like it was d-day or some shit

    If I was a part of your group i'd say "fuck this, its laggy as shit .... we shot em all last week and doing it again will be boring as bat shit... lets spice things up.... and try do a mass holdup/robbery.... or go in undercover... hangout by the fire and spike the food with poison and see how many we can poison...." At least entertain the admins ffs.... at the end of the day the event was held in exactly the same location but this time a solution was used to get rid of a problem - the queens guard. It worked well... but would've been appreciated if it wasn't required at all.... we could've cooked outside, had an archery competition, and a piss in the woods instead of in a cooking pot.... just one night of the week is too much to ask from some people who just don't want to have fun without it being at the expense of other players enjoyment....

    Like i said i did come down, it was mainly just me but i had a few guys come in for a bit of pvp. Alot of people in my group are unknown like lewis and el chapo because they are just stone cold murders, I interact or atleast try to.

    "pretends to like playing with fire.... but cant handle being burnt" ... Loosen up dude and show us the "action" from around the pub!!!!!!!!!..... i'd love to see it from your perspective.... i dont give a shit if you got shotup i just wanna see it from a "bandits" point of view and see if your entertaining to watch or not.... wouldn't put money on it though by the sounds of what you wrote above....

    I can try and make some of it but it wasnt that interesting i only got two kills and one was a bit dirty, Also injured a couple but that was about it. It was also laggy asf cuz there was 20 people but ill try i guess. And what is this "pretends to like playing with fire.... but cant handle being burnt" suppose to mean. I brought the glock with me for a reason and it was that i expected this, Soothing similar has happened before which resulting in me nearly being tied up and i had to fight for my life. And i really can "handle being burnt" i was a god dam freshie.

    squeakers will squeak..


    I take that as a no then, Rav? Shame your last death is the only time you weren’t recording dude. Oh well...

    And I think you are mixing up your second to last death with your last death. I was not killed after your last death. This clip was particularly special (and amusing) because my words were the last thing you would have heard.

    Second to last death for you was after I shot you in the back when you had a red wool coat on, three shots to drop you, then two more as you skulked away under that tree.

    Every time I hear a baddie get killed i rejoice a little inside. That's not personal pride, that's justice.

    I died once when i had the glock, Then a second time when i was in the woods as a freshie (Guess you knew it was me approaching?), Third time was when i got shot and knocked out when i had the m4 (eventually bled out), Then i was taking this random to the pub cuz he wanted to meet people and i found a shotgun and found my friend who needed help so i got a shotgun and then got lit up from the house. I think i have the house clip ifs that what ur talking about it was funny af tbh.

    Lol Rav :P you always have an excuse

    You know im always friendly.