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    Of course there will be an official fix. Most of the mods are janky because of the lack of documentation from the devs.

    Contrary to what you think, I and many others seem to be still enjoying the server as is, and would rather wait for reliable mods that wont break every time the devs release an update.

    (Although I would like more infected, less food, and shittier weather asap. :) )

    Accidents and mistakes are part of this games rich tapestry LadyWolfy - still no clearer on what old Lazy Buzzard did to you though - but no worries.

    LazyBuzzard - give us a shout when you get back and are about man. :thumbup:

    We shall hold the line FreeRanger. Not fold, or divide and split. We will always stand together. We will hold true to our rules, and try to protect those curious enough to seek us out.

    Animo et fide brother.

    8) "....he was told by someone there are bitter weeds in England"

    just to clarify I like that line in the context that Churchill has just got his army back from Dunkirk, so its a massive fu to herr hitler - tldr - Churchill to Hitler- "You had your chance pal."- not that Trojan is a bitter Englishman. :D

    Nope...He must have risen, as he paid a call to the village last night, and was gunned down by my good self at The Village after trying to turn me into shish kebab.

    He managed to ruin my green rain coat before I filled him with hot lead. The scary thing is the chainsaw keeps running, so even though I probably nailed him with the first couple of shots as we were face to face - I ended up emptying half my drum mag just to make sure out of sheer panic.

    No name even though I pulsed him straight away - so he is quick on the old disconnect and to be honest I don't want to know - I like his style, and his dedication to his nefarious craft, and the mystery of who he may be. :thumbup:

    Cheers for the kind comments. Sorry about my potty mouth. After a couple glasses of weekend wine my mouth tends to start careering towards the gutter. :)

    Introduced my mate Rob to The Village server to get him into DayZ. After an evening of drinking red wine and socialising at The Village, we decide the time is right for his first loot run.

    Quick thanks to the guards that officiated "The trial of Jim Gun" at the village last night. One of the most interesting evenings I have had in ages. It had drama, attacks that were heroically repelled, as well as beef, accusations and intrigue.

    Thanks to my accusers also - you played your part in a top night, and I hope we are all good. :thumbup:

    Last night I over heard someone asking for a lock pick because he was going out to solve the great novaya medical mystery. I'm interested to know of the outcome.

    Yup - that was me. I was shot in the back of the head earlier on in the day while unlocking it, Whether I was just unlucky or it was a trap I do not know. Got back to the village, found a lockpick, and then one of my party said they had looted it not 30 minutes before and there was nothing inside.

    OFFTOPIC - We then went to NWAF instead, and died to a wall exploiter at the air control tower. I recorded on shadowplay, but I do not have windows movie maker anymore after upgrading PC. Can anyone recommend a video editor so I can upload the evidence to support my complaint?