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    Name: "Leo"

    Age: 37


    Most of my life i have either been training but all of it i have been serving my country. Well until the world as i knew it went to hell.. Funny that they prepared us for everything.. Everything except the dead rising again.

    I was a Commander of Smerch, Spetsgruppa S of the KGB, and on a classified mission to take down a local crime syndicate in Chernarus when the Outbreak happened.

    We forced our way into the enemies hideout, lost 2 good men to the traps they had set, just to find all of them dead deep inside their bunker.

    Ever heard of Murphy's Law? When something goes to shit, it all goes to shit.

    We lost contact to HQ when a massive Storm hit the Area so we had to stay put where we were.

    That's when one by one our criminal friends, DEAD criminal friends, decided to come back to life without us knowing. That night we lost another 2 good men leaving only me and Petrov.

    He was a tough son of a bitch that i tell you but eventually, after 2 months, he died when we got swarmed by those things. I saw him die twice. That was the first time.. the second time i ended his pain. Or mine .. I just couldn't look into his dead eyes anymore..

    Now i am alone.

    6 Months have passed now. 6 months without a single living person in sight.

    I mostly know the whole Area know. The lack of Food and Water were becoming a real problem so i had to look further and further away from home. Ha.. Home.. That's what i call this shithole now..

    I'm sure the big guy up there is laughing his ass off while he's watching me turn into an animal.

    Well guess what big guy? Humanity is not gone as long as i breathe!

    I have to find other Survivors! I can not be the only one who survived this shit!


    It's Been almost 2 years still no sign of Survivors, I don’t remember what the sound of a human voice sounds like except for my own inner voice. I'm gonna continue searching I haven't lost faith I cant be the only one left ... can i?