This is a common bug actually for me, so never log off with a weapon on your hand, because this will probably happen again. I learned that the hard way because I accidentally killed my friend with this bug. About the radio it has a reasonably long range at least 2-3 towns in front of you. I dont know though if the signal is affected by height and as far as I am concerned adding people on steam is not a problem.

    Stupid question: How do I use the radio: Turn on=mouse left; Switch=Mouse right;

    How do I talk? Caps Lock?

    Maybe I contact you later George. But I am low on battery....

    Dude if I learned one thing in this game is that no question is stupid, we all learn from them, so if you want to open or close the radio you just click the left mouse button. To change channels you click and hold the left mouse button. Sometimes the sound is bugged and even when the radio is on the static sound from it isn't audible. Or sometimes you close the radio and you can still hear people talking through it.

    About batteries, the most efficient and easy way to get them (that I am aware of) is to go to industrial areas and kill the zombies there they usually have a battery on them.

    Well where do I find you and when?. Due to family my playing times are a bit weired some times. Btw it seems that my mic is not always working on this Server. Are there any special settings? Never had problems on other Servers like public. But here I got killed twice, because he could not here me. All othere tools are working fine, like Skype, Steaming tools, other clue...

    Our HQ is at Cherno and usually are around there. Also we use the frequency 96.6 to communicate with others. About the mic idk maybe it was a bug because there are no extra settings for that.

    Hey sarr,

    The faction system is not outdated since many factions exist but the territory system is not practically in game. Every faction has its HQ somewhere and usually roams around a specified area but thats it. There is no problem looting areas of factions, but if the faction is hostile it will attack you probably. By the way I am George, the leader of the White Raven faction and I would be glad if we could meet in game to talk and maybe join us if you like!

    Have you turned off the "Windows Gaming mode" the windows game bar and the captures? Those things really had a major toll on my FPS in DayZ for some reason and one of my friends couldnt even play when they were enabled.