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    I'm actually not sure about the benefits of a Faction Map. If we keep the Village's Location in-game why is it different with Factions?

    I have a feeling a map like that would be more useful for "Bandit factions" to say "Hey, stay out of our area, or you *WILL* be shot" and for others to come and challenge them.
    But I know for certain that if I was to mark the Area where my little group is roaming around, we're going to have people looking for us or our stuff.

    Also if you're low on food - kill Infected. They tend to drop cans of food and sometimes other useful stuff. Take a can in your hand, or better even brass knuckles if you can find them, (knives can be useful aswell) and try to hit their heads with the actual hand of the model of your character -- you should aim a bit above their head to achieve that. Two-handed weapons like a the axes or a shovel can one-hit infected, but tend to be unweildy.

    It can be fun to drive them. But some people think it's fun to be spanked in the nut sack too, so yeah ... Your mileage may vary. I'd always go for a car ride, even if it kills me.


    I dont know though if the signal is affected by height

    I've read somewhere that hills *do* get better reception. And I've personally talked to someone who (he claimed to be at least) was at Skalisty at the moment. I was sitting in the 3F of a Watch Tower on Mt. Malinovka - which would be a rough 5km range.

    While some of you guys* already met me - which I generally like -

    some of you guys also already shot me - which I generally dislike.

    The ratio of the above happening has been gradually tilting into a direction I'm not happy with, so this is an attempt to increase the likelyhood of the former while also decreasing the likelyhood of the latter, by trying to get as many people with guns to be around me. While it is preferable for you to be able to use a rifle, I'm also completely fine with you just taking bullets for me, instead of putting them into others.

    Your main job, however would be to simply guard certain locations (or moving targets) and (try to) kill everything that acts hostile towards them.

    Regarding the payment ... I don't really know about a commonly accepted currency of Chernarus, but I'm sure we can come to an agreement that benefits us all.

    Regarding the working relationship ... Apart from the fact of you getting some form of benefits on a fairly regular basis and doing your best to keep me/us/everything safe, it'll be just like any other relationship with no other duties or rights involved.

    If interested drop me message or contact me in-game (bambi has no walkie-talkie yet).

    *used as gender neutral form to address male & female

    Hey, I'm Roy! Welcome to The Village.

    I'm happy for every survivor that makes it into the Forum, as that usually means they're invested enough to involve them into more than the usual "gear up get shot" shtick.

    If you're looking for folks to teach you the ropes/guts/combined stacks of rags, I'm happy to meet you in-game!


    Sometimes the sound is bugged and even when the radio is on the static sound from it isn't audible. Or sometimes you close the radio and you can still hear people talking through it.

    When this happens you can fix it temporarily by relogging.

    It is important to keep in mind that, with the current implementations of walkie-talkies, everything you say after you turned on the walkie-talkie could be heard by another party on the same frequency - even though you turned off your receiver and even removed the battery. Only a relog will fix transmitting your voice then.

    I think you guys fit perfectly. There is a "The Village" from the name of the server somewhere on the map and it's basically run by people like you who stand to defend it and help where they can to keep it running.

    We bid farewell to Roy, a valued member of our community - may he rest in the pieces he was cut into.

    He was a founding member of the Bloodbank of Skalisty,

    a goat lover and self proclaimed "squirrel lord".

    He always helped where help was needed and he died the way he used to live: hiding in a bush.

    May his remains rest on Skalisty until the server restart or hungry survivors get involved.


    But you can come over anyways, just don't expect any more blood.

    I just found out I've got blood type O- which means my blood can be infused to anybody without possible negative repercussions on their health (don't worry, I haven't had unprotected sexual intercourse with any survivor during the last 6 months *sob*).

    So yeah ... If you're in need of blood but somehow still manage to survive the swim ... Hit me up, I've got some nice warm juices for you waiting! I'll take food and tools and mostly anything in return.