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    Is there no way that the serious players/story tellers/factions can meet up somehow. Im just wandering around the map with nowhere to go really and crave some player interaction that isn’t just KOS/pvp. Some of the stuff ive read on here from even a few months ago looks brilliant, but seems your either in the group or you aren't.

    I know kamokazee was trying to get a boxing thing going but hes posted saying hes on a break now too.

    I feel theres a real community here (old players and new joiners like me) and we should try and come together

    Been playing on the server for a few weeks now, mostly hiding from other players but trying to listen to the radio when we can, all with no luck. Weve been over a large part of the map now (but not the south west)

    Im reading people leaving / taking breaks etc.

    Can I ask… is there still a community on this server? Does the village still exist?

    Its always very busy but Im seeing lots of KOS (I was taken out at the weekend) and im wondering what makes this server different to any other now?

    So my friendly ex nurse (Katrina) is now dead. Her and her colleague had landed on the shore over 2 weeks ago and made it all the way along the northern boundary, through wolf infested forests, villages overrun with infected, a few ‘friendly’ encounters all the way to Tisy base yesterday. She had gone from a naive nurse to a reclusive survivalist, only to be cut down by some coward, armed to the teeth and hiding in the bushes outside the base, just waiting for survivors like Katrina and her friend to come by. No communication, no held up at gun point, just a single crack and there was my friend laid on the floor bleeding out. They didn’t spot katrina at first so she had the chance to get a shot off while they tried to loot my friends body, which then created chaos with infected swarm, along with the kn*b that killed my friend.

    But at the end of the day, she was more useful in cooking food and carrying stuff she didn’t actually need than fighting so she breathed her last breath under a pile of infected.

    On the plus note, Geoff arrived on the beach, a middle aged low life of no fixed abode. He has a different mindset and the next person he sees is getting a bullet, no questions asked. Surely they’ll have a tin of beans worth taking. Hes heard of a stash of high end weapons left buried in the north somewhere. Hes got an X on a small section of crumpled map

    PS – sorry to the player whose tomato farm now has no tomato’s….. I cant eat another single one…. And my new friend…. Shes almost turned red shes eaten that many….

    oh and whoever lives in the church in Berezino….. sorry if it stinks of urine around the altar... I could wait any longer.

    so we had a go at cooking food last night. Ive got the stove, and cannisters but still no pot. We lit a fire in the daytime in the woods. It was all very edgy lol. Only doing Kentucky fried chicken at this point but hope to progress to rump steak and wild boar and apple sausages later ;)

    So last night myself and a friend were on the server, running in the north and the zombies were more like 28 days later than walking dead.

    We went to collect planks and they seemed much more attracted to us, in particular myself to the point where they could almost smell me and just followed my tracks. One Z aggroed from 50m away which we had to take out. We then went to a village and got stuck in a house where the z's were looking in the windows and triggered again. They were going mad. Again the only way out was to let one in at a time and take them out.

    We then moved to a hospital site and another Z seemed to attach to my tracks. Literally following me along a very criss/cross path, through fences, around trees etc.

    They seemed to be triggered more by me than my mate.

    Has anyone else had this? it was only since last night. I actually quite like it as they are now much more of a threat but it just seemed that theyd been pumped up quite a bit

    Thanks guys, ive done some research on you tube and my respawn now has a couple of gas canisters and a stove. I just need a pot now and im off hunting. What seasoning goes best with wild boar? Haha

    I think my problem has been my infatuation with trying find good guns, camo clothes, etc to compete in a playstyle im never going to do, and then forgetting about food and water being top priority.

    My fresh spawn has a different mindset now.

    So im having a problem with food and meat.

    Ive been eating raw meat as im paranoid about lighting a fire, even though I think it would be great to sit around a camp fire and cook a steak. That's been making me sick with salmonella so my health plummets easily.

    What does everyone else do?

    • Do you cook your food or stay hidden and eat raw?
    • Do you not bother with meat at all?
    • If you cook, how do you do it and where do you do it? Do you hide away or find a nice spot in the woods and have a sing song?

    Im assuming its not just me but has the server been crashing for everyone every hour or so, then being faced with a big queue to get back in. Any idea whats happening? Normally it just keeps us where we crashed but on Sunday we lost a high end gun with mag that we found in a barn and it sometimes sets us back a few hundred metres from where we crashed out.

    a crackling broken message comes over the radio.....

    "Greetings survivors. Katrina checking in. My friend and I are still surviving in the forests but we don’t stay in one place for too long. We keep hearing gun shots so we are hoping that whoever fired them has found safe passage. With every gun shot we move on.

    I found a friendly survivor in orlovets who helped me with directions to Polana where I had agreed to meet my friend again, but Ive now become diseased from eating raw beef through desperation. Theres only so much mushroom I can eat before I feel it would be better to give up and join the infected. Yesterday we travelled to Gorka on our map in search of the hospital. As ever we are very cautious and observe from afar before entering and spotted two different survivors in the town, both armed with guns. We tried to make contact over our radio but neither replied so we didn’t approach. One was wearing a UN helmet so had hoped they were from a peacekeeping force but to no avail. We know they could hear us as they stopped to listen to our pleas over the radio but they appear to have lost faith and continued to travel on alone.

    We then left Gorka behind in search of another hospital but Ive left my friend behind in search of medication. I did find some after being caught in the middle of a fight between wolves and infected which was very scary. Luckily I escaped into the trees and found safety in a nearby town. The pills seem to be taking a while to work as I am still infected. Im not in pain but I cant keep any food down. Hopefully my friend will travel well and we can meet up again before continuing on our travels

    We reaching out to those who occupy the village. Please make contact, We need sanctuary for a while and to know all hope is not lost and there are survivors out there who still care about humanity. We have our radio tuned into the frequency 87.8 that we found on an old notepad in Berezino but its just silent. We hope the village still exists and we can feel the warmth of a fire one again. Yours in desperation Katrina"

    The radio then falls silent...…...

    So I finally managed to get on the server last night and spawned near Berezino. Looking around I stumbled on the road and a burnt out car.

    ‘theres something on the car’ I thought and went for a closer look. There sure was……

    …..some nice pants, a nice check shirt, a flare and this is where I had a freak out moment…. Alongside was an axe and loads (I mean LOADS) of meat……. ‘ive won the jackpot’ I thought. Went to pick it up and it was Human meat……

    Call me old fashioned but I just cant bring myself to scoff on some soul that’s been butchered at the side of the road I turned around and ran away as quick as I could as I didn’t want to meet (no pun intended) the psycho that’s going round chopping up survivors…..

    You should verify the integrity of the game files after downloading the patch. Go to steam, right click dayz and go to properties. From there choose "verify integrity of the game files" After that it will show you three boxes, I myself marked all those so it will remove the old data. After the verification is complete, the new patch will work better without problems with the old data.

    Thanks, that's a big help

    Im new here and the first vid ive watched but I literally had a laugh out loud moment at work….’look away ralph’…. Keyboard now drying out from the water I spat on it.

    Really hope to become a proper part of the village at some guys are so funny

    Hi everyone.

    Been playing on the server for a few days now and loving it. Im not sure where I can keep up to date with any news (ive been checking here) but whats the update on the server wipe following 1.03 being stable? is it a full wipe or do we get to keep our characters etc