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    No not really. I bought in early but never really played. I never figured it out. My broken leg was lame (pun intended) and I didn't know I could fix it or suicide. It was a lot of determined crawling. All my hours have been put in this year.

    A friend gave me some NVG but I didn't really like them. I think his mission was to go running, looting, shooting people for I don't know what end but I don't think he anticipated ending up with a hand waving bullet magnet like me. I'd rather creep around at night in the cities playing escape and evasion. A bit of childhood hide and seek tig. Skulking the ginnels, embracing shadows, always on the move trying to circumvent and evade?

    Following lights at night trying to track others down barefoot is good fun for me. Nothing quiet like catching other players by surprise in the dark. You can almost smell their fear. Itch their twitching. Its a good way to end up dead but when having fun with a new spawn, well.... sometimes it's fun. I can tell you that my only successful tracking attempt (right here) ended when I get shot in the face by torch light on a dark street on the edge of Electro by two polish fellas freaked out by this unarmed barefoot English man that came creeping out of the darkness with a merry hello. Then I ran out of conversation, things got dodgy, and I got shot in the face. I wish I had captured that. It was one of my better days. Hauling barrels around the map was one of my worst.

    Wow, thank you for this.

    I never knew that hunters spent so much time and detail in hunting their prey.

    I just thought people, especially new spawns simply killed on sight or when they were scared.

    Undoubtely some of my uncountable deaths would have been from hunters who might have tracked me for a while and I was totally oblivious - all credit to them.

    I've noticed that streamers on Twitch, like TheRunnungManZ rarely look behind them while travelling the countryside and seem so relaxed.

    Me, I'm often looking around to see if some one is following but guess I'd never notice a hunter :(

    A little paranoia helps keep us on our toes in this dangerous land. I struggle to run across an open field without feeling like I'm being watched. I Love it

    Perhaps you remember the days before night vision googles. Then during the pitch dark we could haul a generator or some other heavy stuff across miles of open fields and feel fairly safe.

    Even though there might be a dozen killers nearby they would probably wouldn't see you.

    They were happier days for me.

    Thats tragic, and I hope they find the g**, give them some just justice so hopefully they'll see the error of their ways.

    Perhaps I'm neurotic, but there seems no peace here yet, even when planting or resting, I half expect a bullet to the head :(

    I'm very dim - been focussed on finding a hand held radio in police stations etc - with no luck yet.

    Just released there are transmitter towers with radio buildings units next to them that just need a car battery to get them working.

    Also some buildings in towns that have radio desks.

    Now I'm looking for car batteries - there were quite a few about - so soon I'll finally be on the air and able to contact people :)

    I just watched a nice Kamikazekoe96 video and saw him pick up a radio in a police station, so I'm now going to start searching them much more often.

    Unfortunately they seem one of the most looted and dangerous places in Chernarus.

    However, perhaps lots of people to bandage there :)

    When I finally find one it will seem like Xmas day - of course will still need a battery.

    I hope things are fine for you and the team, and not too hectic in bad way.

    Stay safe and hope to meet soon.

    The Nice Guys Rescue Team needs people with your mindset!

    Thank you, I was really heartened to read your original post when the NGRT was just starting out.

    Anyhow, I'm, still looking for a radio but hopefully our paths will cross very soon.

    Actually I'm not much use, can't shoot straight, not a medic, but might make a mule carrying stuff.

    LIke you guys, I always have some food and water, bandages, in case someone needs help.

    Its always fun to learn new stuff though.

    Take care out there.

    This morning I finally went 500 hours in Chernarus without killing anyone.

    Its a major personal achievement although I guess some think I'm a loser or worse.

    The only person I killed was at 20 hours in Chernarus. That was some psycho on a police station rooftop who wouldn't calm down and kept trying to beat me to death. Finally I tried to wound them with my machine gun but sadly it simply shredded them.

    Seventy hours ago it dawned on me I could aim for this 500 hour goal - its been a long 70 hours - thoughts of what happens if I have to rescue someone from a psycho - clearly my goal isn't that important - people come first.

    Over these past 500 hous I have met some nice people. In The Village - Windstride, then Gio and his friend in Red.

    Of course, so many psychos out there, and trying to just wound them nearly always leads to my death.

    Anyhow, what next -

    Apart from base building I'll be also be exploring the map, especially town centers and looking to help friendly survivors.

    However, my days of just trying to wound psychos are over - from now its send them back to respawn in hell.

    If we meet, say 'Hi', as I'll never attack first.

    My mantra - its better to die than kill a good person,

    Slight drawback - one has to like respawning :)

    Seems the same problem with radios and batteries. I can't find any and haven't seen a battery since before 1.04. Batteries used to be everywhere - happier days.

    The reality in a post apocalyptic world :(

    Thats sounds wonderful and I'm really looking forward to tuning in.

    As of now I still haven't managed to find a radio despite most mornings checking a couple of police stations etc and an airbase.

    Some culture - something to look forward to while holed up in my lonely forest hideway :)

    By the way, no rain in a long time - feels like drought :(

    Here are a few thoughts on Guards having VOIP.

    I'm a farmer, not a fighter, so my ignorance is huge.

    Also I don't know the rich history of The Village,

    @MollyMagoo told me about its beginning, wish I were there.

    So will Guard VOIP ruin or improve things, or stay much the same.
    Below is just about Guard engagements etc.

    Assume server full at peak play time

    - 75 survivors include the following

    - 10 Guards

    - 15 law abiding in countryside

    - 15 law abiding in the towns

    - 15 havoc(bandits etc) not using VOIP

    - 20 havoc using VOIP

    Chernarus is huge

    - 225 sq km, 50 towns and villages

    - how will Guards get intel about events

    - will there be a Guard in each main town

    - if scattered how to respond to events

    - do Guards have any vehicles

    - running is slow, especially when geared up, expecting ambushes

    - Guards will die, must respawn, gear up, long run back

    Guards fighting against a no-VOIP havoc squad occupying a town

    - havoc would expect Guards to arrive in force:

    - would have to plan meticuously before they disperse

    - could prepare their defences, ambushes etc

    - but they have no VOIP so at big disadvantage

    - perhaps Guards might win much of the time

    Guards fighting against VOIP havoc squad occupying a town

    - havoc would expect Guards to arrive in force:

    - could plan and execute even when dispersed

    - could prepare their defences, ambushes etc

    - VOIP means they could be proactive outside town

    - VOIP allows them to shadow Guards and give intel

    - their VOIP gives them overall advantage

    - perhaps Guards might still lose much of the time

    There are a lot of newbie assumptions above, also assume:

    - Guards and their opponents have similar skill sets

    - similar numbers of Guards and havoc in each engagement

    - over time the Guards will adapt and become elite units

    - but Chernarus might become more DANGEROUS as more and

    more outsiders come to take the Guards on.

    I was lucky enough to read the orginal post and could see the view point that was both informative and well argued.

    Although I'm against VOIP, it occurred to me that perhaps only the official protectors Guards should have it, but that might be a slippery slope.

    My thoughts were, that having a central body, the Guards, coordinating the whole defense of Chernarus would be like in Real Life.

    Imagine the Guards getting the alert about an invasion of some faction into a town.

    However, for me, the pros and cons, and implications are so hard to foresee.

    If this is considered META my apologies. I will refrain from posting these types of topics in the future. I thought this was acceptable since it was in character and meant to be immersive.

    I love reading these posts as otherwise I would hardly know anyone else in Chernarus existed.

    Just knowing that there are other survivors trying to make a life here and not just KoS ones makes it hugely worthwhile.

    Knowing that one day we might actually meet gives me a reason to go on.

    After the VOIP discussion on META, I've read it a few times, but still don't have a feel for it.

    I guess, its meant not to spoil immersion at the exact time events happen which is probably why YouTube videos are fine.

    Stay safe out there.

    Early this Suday morning I saw a survior in dark clothes standing next to some body parts on the road a hundred meters or so east of Orlovets.

    It was nearly night so hard to tell, but I think they were dressed in dark or black cowboy clothes.

    I watched them for a few minute but they never moved. I didn't introduce myself in case I became their dinner, so slinked away into the forest.

    Most likely they were just a passer by like me and not a cannibal.

    About META - is it okay to mention details like this - it was over 10 hours ago?

    I've been away trying to recover from a severe psychological trauma.

    A couple of weeks ago I finally met a friend to help build my base.

    While building my base *** just suddenly appeared from nowhere, greeted me, and offered to help.

    He could have killed me KoS but didn't, such a nice guy.

    Anyhow he was such a friendly talkative guy that we got on well.

    As a freshspawn he needed water food very badly so I gave him everything he might need - my whole camp was his.

    Of course when my back was turned he beat me to death.

    Perhaps I should have been more suspicous when he asked for a knife or an axe.

    On reflection, I think poor *** needs urgent medical help.

    Perhaps he is suffering from some severe psychological trauma or perhaps his brain got infected.

    If there are any medics out there, perhaps you might be able to help him, although I advise extreme caution as his mental illness is very severe.

    *** reminds me of the character that Billy Zane played in Dead Calm - perhaps you are old enough to remember that movie.

    So sad to hear the news about CSF but great that you are still here.

    Your base in Orlovets factory - I always pop by for a look when passing through because it always feels a friendly place.

    We still haven't met but hopefully one day - take care out there.

    Will bases be wiped when the next stable update 1.04 comes out?

    Yesterday on Twitch, @TRMZ and some viewers thought that 1.04 might be out in the first or second week of July which wouldn't give me long to get my meagre watchtower etc finished.

    If there isn't a wipe then no problems although wipes get rid of the noob mess I always make.

    About other players. I'm always on the look out but haven't seen anyone else about in a few weeks although I'm very cautious.

    It seems safer to never run on roads if possible but run in the trees nearby.

    Perhaps other cautiuous players have seen me.

    If I see anyone about and you don't have gun out then I'll come over and say hello.

    Wow, lots of gunshot in this city - i'm moving on :(

    I always have a radio and for the life of me, can't recall where I find them. Next time I find one, I'll make a note of where...

    Thank you.

    Just logged into another survival server as The Village down for maintenance - there was a radio in my spawn inventory - I've now had a play with one :)

    try anything police/military(facility’s, cars, containers)

    Thank you.

    Think I'll pause all the search for building materials etc, save all my stuff in stashes, then run about fairly light just looking for a radio.

    Then if I die, just respawn, rinse and repeat :)

    I've still yet to find a radio and so while watching @TheRunningManZ and other twitch streamers I keep an eye out for radios.

    Despite them going through military bases, airfields etc, I can't actually recall them coming across a radio.

    Any suggestions please.

    Welcome FamiHoney,

    There are a few of us with speech problems to.

    The good survivors won't mind, the others will just kill us anyhow.

    A mic could save your life - even a simple 'Hello' if possible.

    Take care out there.