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    At the north end of cherno, near the firestation there's a tree, on the footpath, next to the road. Not sure which tree, but under that tree is a box, and in that box is some nails, aloooot of nails. Courtousy of max. Goodluck. they're somewhere laying about xD

    Well... it would appear... we maaaaaay have killed the wrong bloke here.

    Hey Jim! we where the ones helping you defend the village a while back. before... I think everyone got killed, And… I'm blaming the dude, for that whole situation. If it's any consolation, I then yelled at them.

    Out of context... it looks bad. In context... it's probably worse so I'm gunna leave it here! Sorry!

    (also the first time you where shot, I did my best to save you! but... euurm… buckshot makes 1 too many holes)