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    Hope my train of thought makes sense.

    Stashes despawn after 45days of no interaction. > Devs have a system which tracks the stash owner or last user, not sure which. > This system can also be used for all items then. > Let players stash 1 pistol and 1 other gun for 45days of no interaction. More guns stashed by the owner/last user then despawn after 24 hours. > Excluding inventory items. > Should work no? Atleast till more guns are in the game.

    Not sure if this would be an solution.

    I am a new player, still exploring DayZ. Not sure how valid my current view is on this subject.

    Sofar i have been playing friendly, scavenging and build a little base. I was 5min away from my base, picking up a generator to come back to my base with broken fences. Turned out it was broken in to. When i compare the difference in time it takes to scavenge and build vs breaking in, it instantly removed my will to explore this aspect of DayZ any further.

    So what is left to do? My inventory is full, i have all the guns and ammo i need, enough water and food to keep me alive to run up and down the map a couple of times without stopping anywhere. Just go KOS till someone finally gets me?

    If the effort difference between scavenge materials and building bases was on the same level as breaking into a base, i for sure would stay on the friendly/build up style of play. Right now i am really tempted to go the other direction.

    Welcome, so you was also part of the group from berezino to the village with geko and that we pikked Reverend up


    Welcome! I'm new arround here aswell.. have to say you are a fast learner!

    But you are lacking an important one..

    10. If someone dies at the Village, you can always blame Mike for it. Even Specially if you did it :whistling:

    Great to hear. It will keep my conscience clear then and decisions easy.

    I bumped into you around novod near the well man, gave you so 380 ammo for your scorpion man. Hope your journeys went well for there out. Might bump into you again soon

    Thanks again and yea who knows.

    Oh please, it's Rolf, not Ralph^^

    Aaah right. Sorry!

    Have learned a few new things from everyone! Such as:
    * Don't trust people that have/keep a gun in their hand. No matter what they say.
    * Don't give loaded guns to people. No matter how friendly they seem.
    * Even unarmed people start smacking me for no reason at all.
    * Don't trust the voice from the speaker system.
    * Run away from everyone that is not alone by default.
    * UK people are the most evil (in my DayZ experience).

    Tips are welcome!


    As the title say, i go by the name Shaggy and the body i inhabit spawned 34 years ago in the Netherlands. I am a new DayZ player and started to play on this server.

    Some of you already have seen me and i have learned already a great deal from observing you all. Tips for playing are welcome!

    What i have learned so far:

    1. Gecko is correct with his no pants choice. People seem to let me live more often when i am wearing a collar dress with skirt or no pants. I guess it speaks to a certain desire.
    2. Bakers wall made no sense to me until i ran into a Spanish person. I guess he is DayZ's version of Trump?

    3. Reverend Stone is the most important player on the server? We had to pick him up with 9 people.
    4. Ralph tortures french girls.
    5. Human Steak makes you giggle.
    6. The further you go from the coast the more KOS you can expect.
    7. You can never have enough duct tape.
    8. Night time is scary.

    9. Wolves are the most dangerous thing in this game.