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    I find dying from dehydratation with my face on a river very annoying.

    For those who don't know, there is currently a bug that prevents you from drinking with your hands out of a water source (other than a well), unless you have a container.

    Would you consider spawning with a canteen or water bottle until this bug is fixed?

    It doesn't has to be full or even half way there, it would be only to work arround this temporary bug.

    I like the initiative here, if I can add something it would be to not adopt a common currency at all.

    You don't really need a standard, I would say to go back at normal barter. What you have and what you need against what the buyer has and needs.

    You wouldn't need to put a specific price at every item, instead you would determine a price based on the current supply and demand at the moment of the transaction.

    With the current list you would end having a surplus of nails, and no SVDs/AKs in your inventory.. as Foxy pointed, nails are not that rare in the first place, and it would cause the dismantling of bases in search for nails much more common (like we saw in Berezino).

    I imagine this would work better because everyone has different needs, and maybe the standard currency only serves for a small group of people.

    Here is an example of what I'm saying:

    • Let's say you have a demand/need on burlap strips, and someone comes asking for an AK.
    • Well, bring me X ammount of BS and you can have the AK.

    • The Village is always in need of nails, and they are offering good gear in exchange.
    • The next person that comes asking for something would have to bring what you need. Boxes of nails.

    • Reverend Stone offered you an M4 if you could get him some human meat for Lord Dagoth.
    • Well you guessed, the next client will bring a few backpacks of human cheeks.


    A different scenario would be:

    *A trustworthy lonewolf approaches and says:

    Lonewolf: "I need X gun."

    Dealer: "What do you have to offer?"

    Lonewolf: "I have a CR-527 with a hunting scope but no ammo, 2 PU scopes and some duct tape."

    Dealer: "Throw some burlap strips on top of that and is all yours, keep the duct tape."

    Also, this way you would not get stuck with a list of prices, and you could raise or lower the prices based on what you need atm. And if the buyer thinks it's too expensive, well let him try to find a better offer next door.

    Did that makarov belong to Baker? I gave it back to him, but 20 min later he claimed it again, I think he lost it during all the dancing he was doing.

    You where gasoline Guy right? If thats you I can say they killed a innocent man!

    The gasoline cannister made me sick by tha way.

    Great night💪🏼

    Maybe! Idk, I found it in the yard and put it in my pocket.. didn't want any loose guns laying out there!

    I was the cannister guy, and I can say we consumed almost 40l of gasoline that night (had to make a trip to the gas station to refill it). <X

    Cortomaltese, were you the guy with the hat yelling and pointing at the guests? Gj btw.. I wanted to give you some gasoline but I was afraid of getting shot in the process..

    Well yeah, that could be the reason. But you just need to walk arround for 5 min to stumble on a base where you could do this. The fact that they did it on a promoted event location is what makes it sound like griefing, at least for me..

    Anyway we don't need walls to rave! 8o  

    Oh I reckon this sounds like a heap of fun and troubles!

    I figure y'all should hold your horses outside the church to avoid any brawls inside. And if someone eggs on starting something, don't be a rag-baby and use your fists!

    I hear tell maybe old Chill Pilgrim is gonna be larking nearabout.. so watch out for the frog gigging Gecko!

    That church do looks snug as a bug Reverend! good work, we are all gonna end walking on a slant tomorrow.

    As you might know the boxing tournament is growing up to the point we might enjoy one episode monthly or so.

    Today it was announced via Discord that there will be a boxing night tomorrow (Sunday 10th of February) at 21:00 Denmark time (I think it's GMT+1?).

    Location yet TBA due to security issues.

    If you want more info about this event, or if you want to participate in the fight yourself contact @bager on Discord.

    Now, I'm not associated with the guys setting this event up, but I strongly support and appreciate people trying to recover this gentlemen's sport.

    Rules are simple, no bites, no kicks, etc.. and the champion of the night gets a surprise price (last time it was a full ghillie suit).

    It's already a great show watching two guys spilling blood with their bare knucles on an improvised ring. But if you are like me, you may see the potential of gambling in such a sunday night.

    I imagine bets could be about anything, be it ammo, nails, pigs whatever.. as we don't have a common currency.

    Anyway the point would be to gamble, and what you bet, is not that big of a deal. Ofcourse the champion would take a % aswell..

    Sadly, I might miss tomorrow's event due to work and I won't be able to arrange this.

    But maybe we can get something like this going during a boxing night, what do you guys think about gambling?

    Also, there might be some underground fist fights here and there arround Chernarus during weekends, and we might exercise our right to open gamble there aswell.

    Regards from Argentina,