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    Well, I'm glad that you got yourself a job man, take good care of it. It's not easy to get a one these days.

    Well, then if you serious we can speak about gameplay balance here.

    I started a bit late playing 1.0, which is shouldn't be a big issue. But, since 1.0 I haven't fired an assault rifle (my favorite gun of the game is AKM btw), no only that, I haven't even hold one assault rifle. Read this post, just got one SVD once from I guy I killed, rest just Mosin and SKS. The reason is basically that people stashed, let's say, 90% of guns in the bases, that you want to tranform into unbreakable places fives days per week. Is not only early morning raiders, we have also early morning stashers that don't allow me to use an AKM even once.

    I'm not complaining, I don't mind the situation, it is like that. But if we talking about balancing, I think this is also a bad item and with your balance solution you will unbalance even more the military loot available, forcing people to do KOS as crazy as soon as they see someone with nice stuff.

    I get what you mean and I think that's either a general problem or part of the game depending how you see it.

    When I say "Bases would be raided, therefore loot economy is not affected more than it is right now" I refeer to the fact that today good loot is sashed underground and not inside bases. With the idea I mentioned, good things (like an AKM) would still be stashed underground, people would not bother (just like today) about stashing good military loot in a place that can be raided like their bases.

    Welcome Alben!

    Always nice to come across a RP enthusiast. Just make sure the cannibals don't find your community!

    Weather is server-controlled, it depends on the configuration and the season of the server. This will give the chances of having low or high temp, rain, fog, wind etc.

    Problem is, quite often clients get some kind of 'desync' from this system resulting in a different condition for each player. This is a bug, and a member of this community already submited a ticket about it:

    Without mods meaning with server rules? Because that's a problem too, I wouldn't like to see this server and webpage transformed into a complains forum like, other servers where people is all the time uploading tickets like "somebody killed me in that safe area", "somebody steal my car when I wasn't there". That feels really bad.

    but if you just make it somehow in the way that you have to be present (just somehow, I'm not talking about how to do it, only consecuences), that means I will be able to build a base, fill it with loot and don't come back in four months that everything will still be there. When we know loot is limited on the server.

    I don't mean only server rules, that wouldn't change anything tbh. We have a rule against griefing and it is still very common in the server, it is very hard to near impossible to catch a griefer without logs.

    In the example I gave (the server with disabled base destruction), I can enter the server without any mod enabled and still I'm not able to destroy a lock or a fence (don't ask me how this is achieved).

    Base destruction is enabled during certain announced hours during weekends. If you are not online during that period, bad luck; you were given a chance. It's not like you could be out an entire month and your base would be ok. Bases would be raided, therefore loot economy is not affected more than it is right now.

    When i compare the difference in time it takes to scavenge and build vs breaking in, it instantly removed my will to explore this aspect of DayZ any further.

    If the effort difference between scavenge materials and building bases was on the same level as breaking into a base, i for sure would stay on the friendly/build up style of play. Right now i am really tempted to go the other direction.

    This is my point about developing a rule to bring balance into this subject, since it's not a finished aspect of the game from the devs side (IMO).

    A scheduled time for base destruction gives the chance for both of the parties to be online during a raid.

    It's not like raiding would be forbidden outisde of this scheduled time, is just base destruction (from the outside) that is disabled.

    I believe this would encourage more players to experience this part of the game, knowing they will have a chance to defend it and it's not just going to despawn when they go to bed.

    I find this a very complicated and interesting subject in every community, specially in this one.

    I think this is hard to implement here, and it's not due to the recent decision of not using mods. But mainly because of the freedom and lack of rules that dictates the nature of the server.

    That's the freedom that makes everything feel more random, and events like the berezino hospital, church, or the village itself have a more important role and meaning when it comes to bring players together to achieve something. Because there is no such thing as a rule protecting them or even making it easier.

    Now, can we do something about it? Probably yes, but I would like to quote Andrei here, instead of repeating:

    Exactly, is not nice to start putting rules/tools to restrict the freedom of the players. My favorite thing of this server is that you are allowed to do whatever you want, and people still doing rpg and good things. I would prefer to don't change that.

    I'm gonna cross the street now, and share my toughts from the other side of this discussion. And I'm gonna talk about balance, because rules are set to bring balance, not realism.

    I do share the tought that something needs to be done about base raiding mechanichs. I believe it should come from the devs, but we all know what that means.

    Having a firefight to defend what's yours can be very exciting, as I'm sure everyone here has experienced. I have nothing against raiding, unless it happends while I'm not there. That takes all the fun out of it, for both of the parties.

    If we fought for it and you won, I call it fairplay and I hope you can take as much as you can carry. But finding your place empty the next day leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

    Sadly this is very common and leads to players abandoning their ideas, realizing they won't be able to enjoy or even have a chance to fight for the time spent on something. More or less ending like Dr. Tarkov here (Rest In Banditry).

    I do believe something could be worked here troughout a rule, even if that would means to supress some liberties in order to gain some balance.

    I don't know the solution, but Garmageddon vulnerability timer could be an idea to work arround. Another community has something similar, allowing base destruction only during rush hours at weekends. And this is done without mods.

    I think it's a good mid-term solution untill the devs (or someone) improve raiding mechanichs. It gives base owners a good chance to be online and defend their place during a raid.

    The biggest problem here are those morning raiders that wipe off entire bases while no one is in the server to fight back. And there is nothing we can do to prevent that from happening right now.

    I personally can't withstand the static noise, wich leads me to leave it on my bp turned off and eventually forget about it.

    Welcome! I'm new arround here aswell.. have to say you are a fast learner!

    But you are lacking an important one..

    10. If someone dies at the Village, you can always blame Mike for it. Even Specially if you did it :whistling:

    Very nice video! I like the flashlights effect, weird not to see lights flickering

    Good song btw, I love that beat.. It's the same beat used during CPR, 100bpm. If more people knew it we wouldn't have had so many casualties that night ;(

    Recently I've seen deers at Pulkovo, boars near Cherno and some cows at Svetlo.. but chickens are the most common, they are everywhere! and they sing at 1:00am, they don't give a fuck about sun rising anymore, I guess is that virus..

    This is a problem when you head inland as a freshie following a water course.. you can't drink from it.

    If you remain in the coast yeah, plenty of sodas and water pumps.

    But you can't head inland untill you find a container (bottle, canteen, coocking pot), otherwise your journey is bound from pump to pump ?(