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    If anything, I would increase tent/barrel spawns slightly and make dry packpacks and shovels extremely rare to stop the hording issue.

    I would estimate that 80% of the AK/M4 on the server are currently in underground stashes. And I've uncovered at least 20 in the last week

    Theres also an issue with player placed barrels being glitched into inaccessible parts of buildings. E.g. inside of walls etc. These can normally be seen when you first load in for the split second before the building renders if your in a building where this is being exploited.

    There is a limit on the total amount of each item that can be in the game. That being spawned in on the ground, in a players inventory, in storage(tent/barrel etc) or dropped on the ground.

    The lack of M4/AK at the moment will be due to people storing a lot of them.


    Been on the server a couple of weeks.

    Been hanging at the village for the last 4 or 5 days with some cool people. Feel like I've finally found a home in DayZ <3

    GL & Stay Safe!