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    I've gotten ak/m4's off of players I've killed. I have found 2 svd's at crash sites. This is all on the newest patch. Killing players with the gun you're looking for is your best bet

    Hi, I'm new to your server. My brother and I have a few hours played on your server and so far we are enjoying it very much. We're both looking for a few more people to play with as well.

    My brother and I are both looking for a group to play with. We currently just play together on FPP servers ONLY and we will never play TPP. We typically play I knid of neutral/bandit style of game play. Working tactically together to advance/retreat from groups and just try to make overall smart plays.

    We've both played this game since the mod of Arma 2 and know this game very well. We currently play on Barely Infected "The Village" and TheRunningManz servers. We both have good attitudes and always have fun playing together even when we get killed or robbed or whatever. We currently use discord, we're both in our 30s, I'm west coast and he's east coast. Just looking for other good/tactical, like minded and chill players.

    Thanks for reading. See you all out in Chernarus