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    Hello Server,

    we like to Introduce ourselves: we are "The International Red Cross, or what's left of it".

    Our History:

    Shortly after the first reports of the outbreak in Chernarus our group got dispatched to aid the local medical infrastructure in combating the infection. Sadly the situation was gravely underestimated and our group was unable to provide much help before most of the population turned into zombies.

    Our current situation:

    With only two of our group left in Chernarus we try our best to help survivors and castaways to survive in this forsaken land. We provide medical care as well as food and water supply to any friendly person we meet. We also try to answer questions about this area to the best of our knowledge and try to expand into education and farming to provide a basis for the future of Chernarus and its inhabitants. To reach our goals we set up a base for resupply. You can ask us for the location when you meet us in the game and we will happily tell you about it. When you come by you can take whatever you need to survive the coming weeks, but we ask for a little of goods you have enough of in return.


    If our supplies permit it, we will be wearing Paramedic jackets and pants of varying colors plus a white armband. A facemask and surgical gloves help us protecting ourselves while aiding survivors or scavenging through the abandoned villages.

    We usually carry a shotgun or pistol for self-defense from Zombies and evil people, but no need to feel threatened by that, we never shoot first.

    Area of Operations:

    Since it's only the two of remaining we have a very limited area of operations. We roam the towns of Dolina, Solnychiny, Nizhnoye, Berezino, and Orlovets, sometimes extending our patrols to Staroye or Polana. Our focus there lies on finding people in need of help or making friends for future endeavors.

    A little out-of-character:

    We're not a real faction.

    We're not looking for people to join us.

    We don't claim any territory.

    hello everyone,

    so a friend and i decided to get a little break from the usual dayz experience and try something different. We were looking for a well populated 1st person server where we can try to be the good guys and help freshspawns with food, drinks and medic stuff.

    Once we met up in Berenzino we had our first contact with a random survivor. We offered food and drinks, but he declined and ran away. Minutes later we go the hospital to maybe find some more medical items to help us on your course. Much to our surprise we meet a guy in surgical cloth at the hospital. He was equally suprised to see two guys in paramedic uniforms.

    We chatted with him, exchanging some medical knwoledge before heading down the coast together.

    Checking the condition of the hospital in solnichny we meet a mute survior. He accepts our help and eats some beans. Sadly the Doc diagnosed her with too low temperature so we make a fire and cook some chicken breast, when we suddenly hear a voice. As it turns out there is a gardener in Solnichny who set up a few fields of tomatos to help people passing through with the their food needs.

    As the night came over us, we went to sleep in on the houses while the Doc went back to berenzino.