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    1. Metagaming; good or bad?

    I have done some LARP in the past, where metagaming in an of itself is often seen as value neutral. You can have good meta and bad meta. When harnessed for good, metagaming will cause more interesting player interaction, create cool scenes and stop rule breakers from ruining good gameplay. When used for bad, people will be excluded from fun stuff and people will strive for selfish goals.

    I think under the current rules most people intuitively agree that some meta is of course okay. Especially if it is not a current event. Stuff like announcing the boxing events and posting gameplay videos long after the events within took place (streaming is somehow an exception though, hehe).

    2. Good meta

    Still, there are several things I would consider good metagaming that might still be considered against the rules. My examples:

    1: Posting time and location of a public event that's going to happen or is happening.
    2: Announcing that you have a shop open at X location where people can buy and sell stuff.

    3: Agreeing to having a fight between two factions at a certain time and place.
    4: Posting a riddle to the village location.
    5: Publicly calling out someone and challenging them to a duel (obviously calling out their character, not the player. That could be harassment).

    Basically, I think of good meta as things that would be announced in the local newspaper, on the radio or on a town square IRL. We have no newspaper and because we don't all play at the same time there's no functional radio or town square to announce things from.

    3. Radios right now

    Some of this could be fixed by the devs eventually. Currently the radios don't work well, since the signal is dropped in a stupid unrealistic way when you push and release the PTT button, and because they are fairly rare. I've tried and failed to talk to someone I heard on the radio, but the voice was just chopping out. I held the button down for very long and tried to tell him to do the same, but we could only hear fragments of each other, I think. If/when they fix this and add a noise filter for long distances like they did with the voice filter for gags I think we can change the meta rules to be more radio-based.

    4. Forum vs. discord?

    Also, is there a difference between the forums and the discord? Which things are allowed on the forums but not on discord? Personally I don't see why there should be any difference between the two.

    5. In character / out of character channels on discord

    What if we had separate channels for in character /out of character messages? The in character channel could function sort of as a replacement for radios in the game and a bulletin board, but should still have some restrictions since it would be quite a bit more powerful than the in game radios ever will be. This would also create a clear separation between accusations and arguments between players and player characters (some confusion has arisen regarding this in the past, where crass language has been censored).



    (I know this message will not find its target but I need to vent)

    To the two individuals who recently murdered me and baker, emptied out all the barrels and sea chests and stole most of said containers from Bakertown 2.0 in Berezino.

    I regret saving one of you from zombies, warning you about a nearby bandit giving you their description and turning the other cheek by letting you have that duct tape and food after catching you red handed. You are imbeciles unworthy of playing on this server and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Hopefully one day you will look upon the foul actions you undertook in your younger years with distaste and lose the occasional few minutes of sleep as you cringe at the character of your past selves.

    Yes, we are running around in a virtual world in an online game, but this is a real community with real people, so make no mistake, you are actual real life douchenozzles.

    Sod off and good night.


    PS: Going forwards, anyone finding themselves in Bakertown 2.0 refusing to speak or state their name might find the Doc to be less inclined to show kindness and/or mercy. I have no time for mutes and edgelords.

    Interesting concept for a server you got going! Although it makes it a bit difficult to get my friends to join what with the lack of VoIP and all.

    Anyway, I'm working as a doctor in the North Berezino medical centre.

    Stop by if you need some medical supplies or want to join up as medical staff. Plenty of outfits. Remember, do no harm! :saint:

    Edit: Someone has stolen the barrel for medical supplies!

    Edit2: I found a new one!