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    I would like to see the tent and barrel spawns increased to encourage base building and raiding. I've yet to see any on my travels that wasn't already propped up by a player.

    Stashes fall under this umbrella as well I suppose. Drybags should be disabled as a stashable object. Why? Because they're far too common and can hold two M4s plus an entire row of ammo. Stashes that hold rifles should require effort to setup, such as moving a sea chest to wherever it is you want your stash to be.

    NoFenceCollision -…iledetails/?id=1712678325

    This mod is a baby brother to BuildAnywhere. Basically the idea is: Fences get the "BuildAnywhere" attributes, and no other items are affected.

    A must-have for a modded Village

    GoreZ -…iledetails/?id=1648967877

    This mod adds blood particleeffects for both players and zombies

    The addition of blood trails tracking players you've injured is a possibility! The splatters look great too and makes gunplay so much cooler.

    Summer Chernarus -

    Complete Texture-Overhaul!

    This mod makes the game look so much more vibrant. Some of my best screenshots have been taken on servers hosting this.

    Classic Names and Description -…iledetails/?id=1563811199

    Reverts names and descriptions of weapons, clothes and other items back to their Alpha states.

    Completely optional, but it does bug me that there's no more licenced gun names in the game.

    BaseBuildingPlus -

    BaseBuildingPlus aims to bring some fun new base building elements to DayZ.

    This mod adds in some cool stuff, but I'm not sure if all of it would be suited for this server.

    Increased Lumens -

    This mod will increase the light distance of certain items (List Below). This mod needs to be loaded on both client and server.

    I love to use the lighting system in this game. But I feel the distance is far too small. This mod fixes this.

    Of course there will be an official fix. Most of the mods are janky because of the lack of documentation from the devs.

    Contrary to what you think, I and many others seem to be still enjoying the server as is, and would rather wait for reliable mods that wont break every time the devs release an update.

    (Although I would like more infected, less food, and shittier weather asap. :) )

    Population is fine. Some of the community have left but it's a healthy server. That's not the point. I'm saying that the server could be so much more with the introduction of mods - this time using the 3rd party launcher. It's not like the game gets regularly updated is it? We're 3 months into 2019 and have had 2 guns and a handful of bug fixes (plus a few new ones!). Could be another year until we get proper mod support. If you're happy to play vanilla until then all the more power to you.

    I miss playing on The Village but it's hard to go from playing on modded and then switch back to stable because it's such a downgrade. There are plenty of reliable mods that don't break the server or it's logs and using it as an excuse to not implement is just a cop out. It's not like the content the devs implement is any better - it's usually worse than the mods..

    You look at EndZone for example and in less than a month they've brought in over 1200 discord members alone. The server never drops below the 50 player mark, which is peak times for The Village and in the evenings the 100 player slots typically has a queue of up to and exceeding 50 players at times every single night.

    As long as mods aren't properly supported by the devs, meaning that a server in the official browser or launcher tells you what mods a server has loaded and will load them for you and then join, modding isn't really viable. We've tried it for a bit but we saw the population go down by more than half. We don't feel comfortable adding any mods for now.

    Population went down because people had to visit the website, download the mods and load them each time they wanted to play on The Village instead of pressing one button to play when using the DZSALauncher. You limited the amount of players that had access to the server and as such it wasn't a very good representation of what a modded village would look like.

    You keep waiting for an official fix that isn't coming. Mods are unreliable, sure - but so is the stuff the devs add in and at least they add in some much needed content and QoL features to an otherwise bland and empty game. I loved playing on The Village, but vanilla is a stale experience right now and you should seriously consider adding in mods. This time with access via the DZSALauncher.

    I'm going to break my promise to uploading two videos a week. After losing a base me and a couple guys have been working on for 13 hours over a period of 30 hours due to persistence I simply do not have the motivation to play "1.0" right now and am going to take a few weeks break from The Village. Might upload a few videos from other servers if I decide to play but until something is done, whether it be rollbacks or fixed by the devs I'm not going to be playing on this server. Sucks, but I want to build.

    Got about 200GB of footage from building the damn thing though so I might as well edit together a little video similar to my "The Great Wall of Chernarus". Will get it out on Friday or something, I don't know..

    Completely forgot to link my previous video. Not my best one, but there's a couple of decent clips in there at least..

    "Bandit Day"

    In this video me and Radoss become bandits and get into a few interesting encounters!

    I've postponed 'Bandit Day' until Monday. Wanted to get a video out real quick to promote the wall.

    A Dead Dick

    Fake friendlies suck. Don't be like this guy.

    The Great Wall of Chernarus

    My perspective from yesterday's construction on the wall. More of that later next week.

    Random Acts Of Violence

    Well it's not the clips I wanted to show but the title sounded good so here's a little tribute to the footage that was.

    In this video we come under attack from a sniper whilst drinking at a well, head up to Tisy and find trouble on the way and then head back south to start building our first base.

    Unfortunately the location wasn't ideal so we scrapped it and moved on. Perhaps when persistence is fixed we'll start doing something bigger.

    Only got one video scheduled after this. Haven't got into any interesting encounters or PvP in over a week so there's nothing to show.

    Fuming with myself. Had just finished editing up a 15 minute video full of some of my best PVP moments on the server and set the video to render. Once render completes I delete the files used in the recordings (was about 250GB of footage) and go to upload.

    So you can imagine my dismay when I find out that the video Vegas rendered out is just an hour of me running about in the woods. I don't understand how it happened - the video was cropped and there was no excess footage - but I've lost everything.

    There was me rushing into a prison building at NWAF and killing 3 people armed with automatic rifles, a landmine kill that took out 2 players, two robberies and probably the longest headshot I've ever made in over 1500 hours. Was titled 'Random Acts Of Violence' and will never see the light of day..

    edit: Good news is I have another 2 videos ready for upload in addition to the 2 already scheduled for release.

    I was shot today 3 times by a player with an AKM. All 3 hit my plate carrier and it took me down to red health and a few seconds later it went up to yellow.

    My friend killed a player by shooting them once in the chest with an AKM and that player had no protection. They were not limping so I can safely assume they were at full health.

    Bloody hell! That's me!

    It was fun dancing and stuff, but you opening fire got me killed! I met those guys later on and they were nice guys, but since you fired first I got caught in the crossfire!

    It happened too fast. I'm sorry you got killed but armed players approaching a building I'm in with weapons drawn and not speaking usually means they're hostile. Glad you met up with them later and found out they're not!