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    The world has abandoned us... We fight alone, against an insidious enemy. An enemy who would strive to destroy Chernarus. Who would have our country, crumble! From within. But we are strong enough to fight our own fight! We are strong enough, to prevail... You asked for greatness, I have given it to you. You asked for victory, it is within our grasp... Do not ask us to surrender to our bandit enemies, Bandits of Chernarus would enslave our sons, and prostitute our daughters... We are the protectors of Cherno. We dedicate ourselves, to protecting the lives of our precious citizens... Death, despair, desolation, chaos. These are what the bandits will bring to Chernarus and it's citizens... Our soldiers fight, for the glory of Cherno. Our soldiers labour, for the glory of Cherno. Our residents sing! For the glory, of Cherno... Fight! Fight, we say! Do not tell us we cannot, we must! We must crush! We cannot tolerate these traitors in our midst..! The lies of traitors weaken our city, our home. Destroy the traitors! Destroy their lies! Destroy all bandits!

    Haha! I remember this day, so you were the guys trying to attack us at Cherno PD. No hard feelings, you almost got one of us though, 30 mins after the attack the persistence bug destroyed the whole base so thats that. ^^