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    Jim if you remember a few weeks back we both helped defend the village for a good few days together :) I have done nothing to these guys, I know them and they should not have killed you ‘Gio I here this was your fault’ I think what’s happened is maybe they thought you were pretending to be me, even though we sound completely different lol, I’m a Brummie and your from up North! Hope your ok anyway buddy and I will see you soon hopefully :) I haven’t been on for a couple of weeks as having a break

    I understand that there is a big problem with persistence right now and i know there are a couple other threads about this but i dont want to hijack someone else's thread so here go's...

    First off The Village Server has given me some of the best DayZ experiences i have ever had in such a short amount of time, however persistence in the game itself on the developers side of things is absolutely ridiculous...

    I spent a whole day helping someone else fortify our base, we finally got it functional and secure, to then get wiped!

    It seems to me the Dev's wanted to push out 1.0 for there own selfish reasons, so that they wouldn't have the stigma of being in early access any longer, but as it stands we may as well not build a base and have storage as it just gets wiped... Not to mention general game polish should have been done in Beta, that's what Beta is partly for isn't it?

    Instead i have the most ridiculous looking beard, my hair glitches through my hat, and that's just a couple of the visual bugs... And with all of that present i will still play DayZ in its current state haha! Because i love the concept of it so much, when it works its amazing, i just hope they fix persistence ASAP... Rant over, sorry everyone :/

    Hey Cato, well i came across who i thought were friendly survivors last night, asked them if they knew the whereabouts of The Village... They said they were going there and i could tag along, only to get shot in the back by a third survivor who came upon us... I think i got set up :/ I'm going to avoid contact until i find a radio and contact The Village myself, or just not be so trusting... See you out there and thank you for the welcome :)

    Well thank you for the advice buddy, hopefully i will see you in game when i get there eventually :) I love the fact you guys have this in the game as it makes it an awesome story telling objective!

    Hey everyone, its good to be here :) My in game name is LazyBuzzard86, but feel free to call me Jon. Looking forward to playing alongside/against you guys, I will be looking at joining a Faction at some point but want to get a feel for everything first, got almost a 100 hours in DayZ as of typing this which is no where near what some folk have got but have definitely got used to the basics and then some. Will always help someone out in game if there friendly, otherwise its a lump of lead in the skull ;)

    See you in Chernarus!

    Jon - LazyBuzzard86