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    Today I met a gent called Lucas. I announced my presence resulting in brown adrenaline from poor old Lucas. We chatted, traded and I gave him the village location. At the end of our dealings the friendly Lucas said "want to see a magic trick?" He said he was going to disappear. Now I have been stung by this trick before lol. Guy runs to a nearby building, takes out his gun then shoots you in the face while you stand there mouth breathing and squinting at the house he has entered. I waited for him to try this and he did. As I was unarmed I had to leave giving him a jolly "see you later buddy" as i zig zagged off into the woods. Pursued by an enraged zed. A shotgun blast rang out and buckshot sprayed past me. Now with only 8 players on the server I think it's safe to say that shot came from Lucas. I suspect he will visit the village today. If my friends at the village can apprehend this gent I would pay handsomely. Just tell me what you need guys. I will be paying a visit to the village tonight. Let's hope he does not read this post and gets a suprise when he announces himself at the gate lol

    Regards to my village friends,

    Just Jack


    Get in the woods away from paths, tracks and roads and light a fire IN THE DAYTIME. If you light a fire at night it is far more visible. If you set your fire on the downward slope of a wooded valley you have 180 degrees of cover from being spotted. The other 180 degrees you cover by sitting next to your fire facing downhill. Base yourself near the top of the valley brow. If you start taking shots from the valley below you can quickly move over the brow and exfill with the brow providing cover from bullets and without your pursuers seeing which direction you are making your tactical retreat. If the enemy creeps up behind you over the brow with an AK aimed at your your head down between your legs, pucker up and kiss your ass goodbye

    No defence is perfect but it puts the odds more in your favour. Best of luck Gordon Ramsey 😉

    Just Jack o7

    I'm sure it will balance out as people will start stashing them just like the rifles.

    Good point. The loot economy mechanics walk a very thin line of right and wrong and at the end of the day you will "never please all of the people all of the time"

    Just Jack

    Honestly I think that they are way too common for what they are, I like how there is an extra step involved as you need to get a helmet or head strap to use it but almost everyone I've met has a pair :P

    Thats a shame. I found a pair and hoped I would be in the minority. Thanks for the feedback Marty. Although I am anti bandit classy bandits will always have my respect o7

    Just Jack

    How rare are night vision goggles?

    If they are common mil loot then that would be a shame.

    Let's have a show of hands. Who has found NVG'S?

    Just Jack o7

    Berezino church is our faction headquarters, although I must admit that I have not been there a lot lately but I will try to change that. We are going to build the church again with the help of a guy called Deagles who is a master architect and the saint of Berezino.

    Myself and Kami payed your church a visit recently. We met as night was closing in. It provided an excellent sanctuary from the darkness and the creatures of the night. Unfortunately we did not have any human meat to offer by way of payment for our stay but I did give your church a five star rating on the local online tourist guide.


    Just Jack CSF

    Stay frosty. Saying hello before a player sees you states your intent not to kill on sight. It begins the process of trust. It gives away your position but people panic and shoot first sometimes when they run into a room and suddenly see you crouched in secret.

    When you are exploring zed infested areas always have an exit strategy. Any ladder can save you life or a building you can shut yourself in. If you agro one zed others will hear and come running. You may survive two zeds at the same time but three will probably overwhelm you.

    Eat lots. Food is better off in your belly that taking up room in your backpack. Keep one tin of beans or spaghetti and a bottle of water for emergencies. Nothing worse than having to take chances as you are dying from thirst or hunger.

    Good luck out there and stay safe o7

    Just Jack CSF Faction

    Hello ladies and gents o7

    Just Jack here from the CSF faction.

    I had a few gripes about current game play and wondered if there were any other suggestions you wished to put forward. Let's put our two pennies worth forward and perhaps it will reach the devs. Things I would like to see in game are

    1) Head Torches - I would like to have the ability to active it without having it in my hands. In bid for realism let's have an on/off option like the gun lights which can be activated without the need for entering the inventory screen.

    Secondly I would like to be able to utilise a head torch in conjunction with helmets and other head gear.

    2) pass item. How about being able to pass objects to another players hands if their hands are empty.

    3) bipods for rifles.

    So what would you guys and girls like to see in game that are minor changes to gameplay?

    Just Jack CSF