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    They are really not that hidden, people tent to follow a pattern on where, I’ve found a quite few – but if it’s me, most of your stuff will still be there, normally just I’ll do a non-voluntary trade of what is better than what I have and always re-bury at same location. Exception is ofc when I fresh and armed with only a shovel, will still re- bury tho.

    First of all, thanks(sincerely) for reply’s and I see that we are all on the same understanding.

    Leetbus, yes we are responsibil enough to obey rules(also, monitors back to back and headset each), but meta is also giving information. You are right that with the right mindset it could be possible, the problem would be to enforce a breach of rules, therefore it seemed logic to disallow it catagorical.

    I had not thought of what Kamikazekoe96 mentions about convinsing that “background” isn’t from VOIP or stream for that matter, but I think it would be possible trough videos/audio that could be review of what information is given, if my wife is talking about anything Village relevant or just bitching in general ;) (I play in livingroom, there will be some noice). But anyway, still it nails it for me… no reason to do anything that create unnessery work and possibility for conflict, so when playing with wife(or daughter, different room tho, but same address) it just done one another server for now.

    Perhaps I’ll adopt Freerangers solution in future, but for now the needs isn’t more than it wouldn’t be worth it.

    A nice day to you all, again thanks.

    I excuse if the following should obvius, to reduce babble(weak side of mine), I will try to make it short.

    The catalyst for the this question is a situation/need of my own, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought so I more or less expect to be confirmed… honnest, also a little hope not to be.

    As I see the lines that rules markup, would it be impossible to play on the Village with a person that in the same room(house even) as you, without breaking meta and voip rules?

    If nvidia experience could have anything to do with it or not was a long shot... reason to mention it was that there is varius functionality within Experience that manage/manipulate/seperate sounds and it's tracks.

    Welcome Cockney,

    I hope to meet you some day, I'll be friendly as well, but take care out there.... bandits and cannibals are roaming the lands these days

    ... of some reason, that I sadly can’t point at and be sure, the bug-sound is no more – and it’s not any of the things I’ve done intentional… would almost prefer it back, so I can figure prob.

    But I know exactly what has been done in period from last test/try to remove bug-sound to now where it’s gone. I believe that only one of the things have anything to it, that is a reinstall of NVIDIA Experience. With DayZ in mind, I've also reinstalled DZSA-laundher but can’t see how that could effect sound. Every other actions done, has either nothing to do with sound or have no relations to DayZ.

    No, I'm sure it's not server-side.

    I have found a few cars(working, didn't steal, had a look in trunk, for nice shiny things...), but tbh guess I use one of the 2 ways to block sound and didn't notice if there was any sound there :( I'll do some tests the next time.

    best workaround I've found so far... stock up on 9v's and keep handheld transceiver

    on... sound drowns in the white noise ;)

    Perhaps, more than likely that the bugged element is reused with different parameters – because, thou I’m not 100% sure, it seems to be from a further distance than 50m, with players.

    That car-bug, does that have any fix?

    I have a problem with my sound, problem is that I sometimes hear a “click” sound in my headphones when in DayZ. It seems to come in a few different reasons, annoying for most but becomes a real problem as it always happen when even another survivor get’s within a certain distance(speech distance, I guess) – it destroys a, for me, very important element in the game.

    Because of that I have to play with headset off or some pretty loud music on... or I don’t bother logging in at all.

    So far I’ve done the most common, reinstall game, drivers, another headset, switch output channel, only thing that did anything, was playing on my wifes computer…. it does not look like many have the same problem, so it must be some unluckey hw/sw/os combo and therefore I don’t expect any solution from devs in the near future – it might end up with a new motherboard(pretty old anyway).

    Tonight I’ll try to run it trough WINE, just of curiositty and narrowing down.

    I’m not looking for a final solution(ofc)… and a ticket has been created relevant place, but it would make me very happy if anybody have a temporary fix or workaround?

    I'm just a fellow survivor, that's my interpretation, so this is not necessary facts.

    But I believe that you are within lines that the rules have drawn as long, as information is not current and/or relevant information - parameters are time and details (omitted).

    People have to eat, some will eat anything... welcome to the new world order.

    With that said, I do not endorse canabalism, will not associate with canibals and have never enjoyed human flesh myself.

    I may stumble a bit over my words, came from the forrests of Green Mountain - there I noticed a red barrel. In hope of something delicius I excited opened it... just to take a step back in disbelive and horror – It was full of cooked human, next to the barrel lay a armband smeared with blood, in that state it was hard to be tell, but it looked like once green… I hope it's not what it seem.

    Hope is not lost, some day human will see human once again for what we are, companionship, a partner, friend... not food!