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    We didnt know how good we had it. :evil:

    Its just the 1.03 update, hopefully they fix it soon. The big queue is because everyone else has crashed as well and is trying to get back on.

    Usually with crashes you roll back but with scheduled restarts don't roll you back. Pretty frustrating at the moment but it speeds up the queue :P

    Good point. The loot economy mechanics walk a very thin line of right and wrong and at the end of the day you will "never please all of the people all of the time"

    Just Jack

    I don't think they took stashing into account when they set the loot economy up :P

    Thats a shame. I found a pair and hoped I would be in the minority. Thanks for the feedback Marty. Although I am anti bandit classy bandits will always have my respect o7

    Just Jack

    I'm sure it will balance out as people will start stashing them just like the rifles.

    Honestly I think that they are way too common for what they are, I like how there is an extra step involved as you need to get a helmet or head strap to use it but almost everyone I've met has a pair :P