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    Thanks and you to!

    So literally 5 minutes after this post I finally found deer's and after way to many shots (bad shooting on my part) I finally got my steak.


    And after a restart/crash, I don't know, I finally enjoyed a good steak!

    Oh and if any members of DVS (if faction map is still correct) reads this, nice neighbourhood you have :) I'm just stopping by to eat my deer. But your welcome to come eat some together, got still plenty of meat.


    Hello guys, zo after playing on this server for over a week now and after having 2 nice team-ups, I decided to join the this forum and after some trouble (Thanks for the quick response :)! ) here I'm.

    So I'm Siebe but in-game I use me middle name Ronald. Like the titel says I live in the Netherlands 30 minutes of Amsterdam. Just after months of not playing I just started playing again 3 weeks ago and since last week mostly on this server.

    On this moment i'm just walking all over the map on my search to cows/deer. I'm looking for the past 2 days in big area's but so far no luck :(