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    First day back was good! Came across a group of 3 people in Khelm. Couldnt´t talk too much because they didn´t hear my voice due to the fans of my laptop haha, maybe time to upgrade.

    Welcome to the best server of the world :)

    I play on an iMac via Bootcamp.. Everything set to normal.. Render Distance on default. Resolution is 4k. Works flawless.

    I just installed bootcamp on an external SSD so I can hook it up to my MacBook Pro. Not ideal but it works for now! (2012 model with onboard graphics card)

    Welcome to The Village!

    There have been a load of changes to DayZ over the years, so I'm a little jealous you get to revisit with fresh eyes! I used to an old rig and followed this video for guidance on settings. Hope that helps you and your rig,

    Thanks for the video, will check it out! And there have been quite some changes indeed. Zombies need more hits from an axe, cars, cities changes and added. Love exploring again

    Working my way up north as we speak (as I heard there is the place to be)

    See you around.

    Hi Guys,

    Old DayZ player returning to the scene. Found the village through reddit :) Last time I played was on a private server called "Oldschool DayZ Hardcore", but that looks abandoned. If anyone has tips for optimising the performance let me know, I will be playing on a pretty old system unfortunately.

    See you around!