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    I did notice something weird, occasionally I'd have to turn the radio off, then back on, to keep hearing them. I'll probably edit it into a short video because it made my night.

    Yes, thats the correct way to kinda "fix" the radios currently.

    • You need to take it to your hands, turn it off, drop it to the floor, take it again in your hands and then turn it on (Then you can keep there or place it in your inventory).
    • If the other guy is within 4.5km you would be able to hear him (Personal Radio). But if he is far away from that, you can only hear them for some seconds before the signal fades away.
    • If you had a radio and you leave it ON somewhere (And then, for example, you find another radio and you keep it OFF with you), sometimes you would still be able to send your VOIP through the radio (I think that's what happened to OP)

    I think we all heard that romantic conversation by the fire while they were waiting for the other guys friend (who had died from dehydration) to return to that place.

    At one point he said: "Would you imagine if the radio was on?" ... =)

    Im probably one of those "pasive players" waiting to play on the Village 0.63 EXP so here is my opinion:

    • Since the Village exists (with some rare exceptions) it has never lasted more than a week without having to be rebuilt partially or completely, so that can perfectly adjust to the times of the eventual exp updates (considering that any of them could bring a wipe). Building and maintaining the Village is part of the essence of the server so I dont think an eventual wipe will affect the incentives to rebuild the place every week (Basically what people/guards have been doing since the server started but for "bandit wipes").
    • I also think there is no other viable alternative for any Dayz community server than move to 0.63. I prefer an "unstable Village" in a server full of people willing to reconstruct than a "stable Village" (that in some way its an oxymoron) in a low pop server (or probably a dead one if its remain in 0.62).
    • To a large extent, the "village experience" in the early 0.63 exp will depend on the assets that that build bring with it. If, for example, there are no tents, barrels or any objects to ensure a minimum persistence, clearly it will be very difficult to identify a place like "The Village" or even for a faction, creates a certain "territorial presence". But we have already seen how the server has survived with a lot of population even in its most "nomade" stages.
    • About the new people and rules, thats something that we all have to learn to live with regardless of the build, server, rules or possible wipe. It will always happen unless you make a server with whitelist, stricts bans and some forced RP rules, and thats crearly not the intention as far as i know (and fortunately).

    Just my two cents.




    This was one of the best things that I have experienced within The Village server
    I had this material for quite some time now but didnt know how to present it since it was mostly a recording of a radio communication and broadcast.

    Thanks to the offline editor, i think i could find a decent way.

    I hope you enjoy it and that, somehow, this serves to recognize the huge potential that the use of radios have in this game and its survival atmosphere.



    Since i met this guy in some random server near Pavlovo military base about maybe a year and a half (maybe more) i knew his was one of a kind.

    The bad, the good or the ugly, according the situation, but definetly unrepeatable.

    :thumbup: 2dogs :thumbup:

    I think all the RUF`s interventions that i have seen / heard about were pretty well developed. Of course, you can`t take the Village or any player hostage if that person do not "play their role" and made some stupid move that leads insto a bloodbath, so its a big merit in both sides everytime. I have seen Mike Hunt, Ghost and Justin (my experience in 2 interactions with them and other cases that people told me about) perform holdups and pvps in fairly "noble" and risky ways for a bandit who, in any other situation, would have directly killed the hostage at the first sign that he was with someone or asking for help.

    So, as far as I'm concerned, I think things have been done very well within the possibilities of a server that clearly is not RP.

    What i would personaly like to see in a bandit faction?

    - Identification, armbans, signs, something that tells me "thats fking RUF". But of course, that could be part of your strategy.

    - Broadcast, videos, more "propaganda". I know people (me included) can get salty about getting robed or kill, but the bad guys should be bad. This do not means (or shouldn´t aim to) humiliation or personal attacks.

    - A new faction goal. If you guys decide to "just survive" as your main goal is one thing. But having something to fight for could lead into better in-game lore (without the need of any RP).

    * Side note: They never got me. Once they tried tho, around Vybor, 3 vs 1, but when they saw my alpha male hairy chest, they decided to go back to their headquarters.

    I think I read a similar idea on Reddit some time ago about using push to talk with the same key as VOIP. Of course the concept behind this idea is very noble, but i think it would remain impractical and uncontrollable. Everything always comes down to the honesty of who plays on the server so, at least for now, I do not think there is a way to reconcile this restriction with a mixed system.

    Its unfortunately true that many of us relegate playing with some friends because they are clearly not willing to submit to this rule (at least it happens to me) and, aslo, the fact that many squads (both "random squads" that enter the servers and the "regular players") use external comms all the time represents a big disadvantage in a pvp situation. I personally have recordings where, when being interrogated from outside a house, before they rush me, behind the microphone of one of that guys you could hear his "compadre" saying stuff like "let me go first, i have the shotgun"... things that you couln´t hear through the VOIP of course. But i just thinkg it is unnecesarry to report it.

    The reason is: living a hardcore game experience depends on each one of us. It is frustrating, difficult, extremely tedious at times and exhausting, but it is rewarding. The one that wants to enjoy this is entirely up to him to do it and the ones that do not, they probably have a great advantage in the pvp and in multiple situations ... but surely they do not enjoy the game as much as I do when I turn on my radio, contact 4-5 people I do not know, from a country that I did not even know existed, live that first encounter paraonia and enjoy what may emerge from there.

    If any suggestion could be added to this thread would be the following:

    1) That the server indicates that the use of external voice chat is punishable and not just "Plase don´t... we encourage"

    2) That the message be repeated more frequently (and not only at the beginning/log). I do not think its gonna be too invasive.

    All good dude, not drama needed and as i said, im do not agree with the insta bounty thread on you before talking. Mostly because, after all, you still a VG. I think the bounty was completely on Jordan some minutes after you guys killed him, so i can´t really have a word on this.

    In any case, if it was 3am for you and you can´t really remember where you were (Vybor, VMC, blue tin, putoshka...) or what you have done, if you went AFK somewhere, if you don´t know Bushman Billy, Bjorn or Dina Pavlov and they are were not with you all the time (and they are not the guys you usually play with), if you didn´t kill anyone, if you died first and do not know what happened next... then there is no point to keep writing.

    No "conflict" at all dude, just a game and it was a good pvp. It just make some "noice" bc you are a VG and as far as i know, you (and the guys that were with you) killed a member of a friendly faction and then you forgot about most of the facts.

    [CQF]VladXD let me remind you some facts because, as you said, it was 3am for you and you probably do not remember quite well what happened:

    1) You met Hugo at Vybor city (not VMC, we saw you guys there when you met in town) when there was no shooting at all. We could shoot you guys then (because we were overwatching the area after some bandit attack) but, instead, as there wasn´t any ghillies among the attackers, the FTQ decided to send Hugo to check who you were. You talk to him and tell him you were going to Putoshka (south-west). That was on the Town square, close to the garages.

    2) Ten minutes later, Jordan logged close to VMC. Saw you guys and describe to us the presence of 2 ghillies (don´t really know why you went to VMC if you were heading Putoshka). Anyway, we told him: "Vlad was with 2 ghillies, do not engage, he is a VG, could be him. He decide to surrender and even then (and with his blue armband on) you killed the guy point-blank. Im aware that there were 2 unknowns over the VMC hill, but there wasn´t any shooting at that time.

    3) Then, all went to hell, and everyone start shooting anyone. I didn´t met bjorns or other of your friends because none of them killed me.

    The thing is quite simple: i understand that sometimes people just join the server to pvp with friends, but if you are a VG do not kill a friendly guy point blank and do not lie about where you met Hugo or how things happened. You wanted some pvp on a saturday night, its cool. But do not create an uneccesary conflict with the VGs and other factions just because you was boring at 3am.

    Thats all.

    Side note: im not really agree with the "wanted" thing. It was an impulsive move from Jordan i think but he had solid reasons.

    Maybe if you give the exact time and day (GMT time) of your log out they could check in the logs and see if anyone killed you. But, in any case, things like this happen all the time. Sometimes you got killed by a wolf or a zed that just go through some closed door and killed you while you were logging out or just a random (lucky) guy. Or sometimes you just got "Dayzed". I really don´t think admins would go to all that truble to check a paticular death if there is not a glitcher / hacker report involve or particular problem with the server data.

    Try filling a ticket (Support tab, thats how this issues got solved), but again, you probably just got "Dayzed"

    Maybe they can explain why they killed a friendly guy with blue armband that surrender to avoid any friendly fire after we talk to them in Vybor (5 minutes before that, and in the middle of a PVP with other group).

    They said they were heading west (to Lopatino) :::: EDIT: they were heading South West (to Putoshka) :::: but then they went east (VMC).

    Eu posso ter uma missão para Fantasmas, com uma recompensa maior que "suculenta".

    Tente entrar em contato comigo no rádio (primeira freqüência).

    Não consiste em rush B com p90 ;).

    Muito obrigado

    Anyone can take a gun from trusting friendlies and shoot them in the back.

    That's very true dude, the thing is:

    - You guys were/are definitely not "trusting friendlies", you just reclute (or tried to) the guy to attack a friendly place

    - There was not shooting from the back. All your 3 guys saw the smoke of that SKS.

    I think Brothers versus Queen`s Guard at the Stadium south of Novoselky`s church would clear some air. Melee vs melee, fists vs fists, pistols vs pistols etc. Just pick a date and time and we could make a "meatful" event from this. :thumbup:

    Naa... one Mike Tython is all you need.

    You sir only want more meat!!

    There is never a downside of being a good guy. While they show panic and fear by killing a person from the back, the reasonable guy shows that the risk of trusting someone who didn´t show any initial hostility its what finally make this game different from the rest.

    Keep trusting and of course keep dying... but be sure of one thing: do that and you would never gonna become a dick.

    Yeah Gary The Metrosexual ... i agree and i hope so because i really think this game (like the Arma 2 mod) will be even more amazing when it belongs 100% to the community.

    But, in the meantime (and again, without any real knowlage of game development, scripts and stuff like that), if it was only a matter of changing some number inside a code that determinates the lifetime of batteries, it would be great to have it as soon as posible. But i can´t really tell if its that simple (i doubt it).

    Hello there ladies and gents!


    I thought it was right to make this post with the following two suggestions related to the use of radios because, in the last time,

    I have noticed that their use within the server has declined a lot and personally I am a big fan its use.


    Why radios are a cool feature to explore in Dayz Village? Probably because the immersive complement that provides within an interactive server like this and because it is the best way to contact other survivors in-game, know the location of the Village, the Trading Post and other places of interaction (as well as to get in touch with factions that operate in the different frequencies and territories around the map).

    So, why people do not uses radios that often? There are two main causes.

    1) Low probability phenomenon: The variety of people, nationalities and schedules means that a “meeting” on the radio (even if both parties have the will to use them) is an extraordinarily rare event and a huge coincidence. Nobody is going to be trying to contact someone for an hour through the different frequencies. The players simply turn on their radios, try a shy "hello" on the default frequency, and if they do not have an answer in less than 10 seconds they will probably don´t try again in the short term. Eventually they give up and do not even loot radios and batteries any more.

    > Suggestion: My idea is to establish an implicit time pattern to multiply the chances of a radio contact. What would this pattern be? Simply agree that radio contact attempts will be much more frequent in the minutes after each hour change. For example: if you turn on the radio at 17:58, you will know that during the 5 minutes before the time change and the subsequent minutes, the survivors will try to make contact with each other over the radio. So, if you have a radio + battery, you can continue trying as usual (anytime you want) or you can check the time and save the battery to turn it on and in that specific minutes before and after every new hour. Simple as that.



    2) Batteries life: related to the above, if one could keep the radio on for a long time while you walk around the map or do something else, the contacts on the radio would be much more feasible. But unfortunately, the development team established a relatively short (IMO) time of life of the batteries (also conditioned by their state).

    > Suggestion: I hope not to say something stupid here because, honestly, my knowledge in game development is too poor to anticipate if this can be even a possibility. However, I hope you will excuse me if I do so. We all know that the BETA is not around the corner and that we have a few more months ahead with the 0.62. That being the case, I think we probably would loose anything with at least ask the devs if a battery life increase can be possible. Maybe consulting it through one of the representatives of this community (Renr, Spaggie) could give us the idea of whether this is at least possible or directly they would never spend any time on this (Taking into consideration they are working on the BETA). As I said, I do not know the implications of such a change, so on whether it is a question of modifying a parameter or represents a much deeper change.


    Thats all guys. Adios!!

    KinCo 2.0

    We need bandits, but good ones (if you know what i mean). Is very easy just to went mad and start doing bitch moves like despawning, combat log, and so when you have some bad feedback from the community because of your gamestyle. ATM i dont remember a bandit (with participation in the forums, not talking about the random players that just join and change their name every time) in this server that could achieve some level of "respect" among the players. Edit: To be fair, maybe The Governor, R. Stone and DP.

    Please, do not fall on that and just understand that you probably gonna recive a lot of hate and downvotes when you publish this kind of videos. So keep a cold head and some kind of bandit code (if you can and want of course).

    Btw: what is your IGN finnaly? "Rick" "Rick Grimes"? Because i think i meet those two guys some days ago. One made me laugh big time with his screamings xP