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    Reading your message gave me an idea. When walls are deconstructed nails are ruined. That would definitely reduce the amount of base rape as nail acquisition is most likely the main reason people rape bases.

    Just Jack CSF

    Ruining nails unless a crowbar is used is a good start; especially if the crowbar takes significantly longer than other means.
    Hacksaws should have a soft skill applied, whereby a novice user would ruin the hacksaw by cutting a single chain. Every successful cut could give the layer-life one extra success before ruin, up to a maximum of 5 chains per saw.

    Also... Hi guys.

    Has anybody been successful at lighting a torch directly with a hand drill kit? I found myself without light on a very dark night and after groping around in the dark with a knife in my hands, finally managed to stumble into some bushes and a tree, and make a torch and hand drill kit for myself. I was unable to light it, and due to the area, I did not want to light a fireplace. So I just stumbled around in the dark, continuing to loot by feel and memory until dawn.

    For that matter, has anyone tried lighting a torch on a fireplace yet?

    This faction would not have a lot to do at the moment I think...

    Hahahahaha. True dat. It might be better to wait for persistence fixes before making any moves on the village, as it is currently ephemeral in nature.

    Adding to that, it's just pretty weak-sauce to go and try to wreck up a place that invites everyone to come hang out and rest, trade,and meet new people

    It takes a special kind of coward to make it their business to go after soft targets; and even more special to feel some sense of pride or accomplishment in doing so.

    Always glad to provide a place for people to come have fun, even if their version of fun is shooting the guys who always wave and say hello, and ask if you need anything...

    Great Video! Gotta love that T-Rex interlude. :D

    It was good to see the whole story again. We used to like Partizan plenty, until he stopped talking to us. We miss his Guard Translator, Techmort too. Don't get many opportunities to talk anymore...8o
    We took Partizan on as a hired gun after a guard managed to establish a rapport. Despite the current so-called banditry, he was the best mercenary we could have wanted for a time.

    Like FreeRanger mentioned, it's a shame that banditry can be reduced to shooting fish in a barrel at the one place where people advertise a presence of cooperative interaction.

    In a way, it's like playing DayZ for PVP on easy mod;, just coming to the one place you know that players will ask questions first, and shoot later.
    Oh no, somebody shot some people who were coming to share some hunting quarry and make new friends8|Bet they could have stolen the meat and forced the cooperative people to eat one of their own if they tried hard enough.

    Anybody else miss RUF?

    Welcome to the server.

    I might note that your choice in armbands may cause some confusion, as the Village Guards are now left with only raincoat green armbands instead of our preferred neon green dyed bands.

    Looking forward to meeting you all and working to avoid misunderstandings. o7

    I've walked a mile in your shoes, Emu. It actually worked out we walked 5 miles with all that zig zaggin lol

    Now it all makes sense. I was wondering what had happened to my shoes that night. I woke up barefoot, covered in mud, blood, and pine needles.

    RP: It doesn't matter what your opinions are because none of them matter to the Village Guard faction. I have wasted countless hours of effort helping "the cause." The VG faction, with the exception of a few great folks from society who had respectful jobs which benefited others before the outbreak, are a collection of crooks and bullies. They lack structure and organisation which is apparent by the state each and every village has ever been in. They do what they want when they want and your thoughts on this count for nothing.

    Too much organization, and we are overbearing; some might even say nazis. Too little organization, and we are inept or incapable; some might even say unstructured.

    It's an open secret that the village guard has always avoided a top-down authoritarian structure. There is a reason for that; it precludes tyranny.

    We are always accepting applications. Often, it helps to walk a mile in another man's shoes. Short of that, you know where to stuff it.

    If you are having trouble feeding your magnum, both 9mm and .380 auto rounds are the same diameter and will fit in the cylinder. These are rimless rounds, and you will therefore need a way of keeping them from sliding freely through the cylinder. This can be achieved by placing a sheet of paper over the cylinder face, and loading the rounds by pushing holes through the paper.

    Lovely how a nice discussion on the use of 3rd party VOIP turns into a mudslinging exercise in making baseless assumptions.

    Knowing the frequency with which I greet other guards by just popping up and saying "hey guys, I'm back" and being answered with "holy shit I almost just shot you there," some of these theories are just laughable.

    Using a central chat to share names of helpful villagers and major happenings from the day, post updates on what is needed, who will likely be playing later, and what general tasks people will be engaged with is a far cry from both the subject of this discussion and scope of the rules regarding metagaming, with an emphasis on 3rd party VOIP.

    Despite the various feelings of certain groups, we are aware of our role on this server and try to maintain an appropriate balance of maintaining the spirit of the server and maintaining the literal purpose of the server. Regardless of what people think goes on behind closed doors, the general reaction upon seeing what goes on in some other discord servers falls consistently between "Holy fuck, this is insane" and "I cannot be a part of this at all."

    The Village Guards have been taking a lot of crap from bandits and KOS squads since the beginning of the experiment, and more recently from large coordinated groups of formerly friendly players. It is obvious when heavy use of meta is being abused to create an imbalance during these interactions. I hope that people can appreciate the stark difference between running back to the village after hearing that it is under attack, and having a sniper show up and take shots at the building you have been inside of for a half hour because the people you are pinning down asked for help and told their friend exactly where you are sitting.

    So please, try to consider things on a spectrum, and know the appropriate difference between soft and hard meta. Telling your friends that you are logging in soon, and will be in so-and-so region and will be heading east during your play session, is one thing; sitting in a house and giving an explicit description of the number, clothing, and exact positions of the guys outside trying to hold you up to your 5 friends who are coming to kill them, is completely another thing.

    Remember, just because you and your friends might use a nauseating level of real-time information sharing to gain an instantaneous tactical advantage in your groups' encounters, do not assume that everyone else is doing so. Exposure bias is not only a good way to make poor assumptions, but it tells others of the experience from which those assumptions come.

    Clown masks; say no more. A Village Guard got teamkilled last week for wearing a clown mask. It was an avoidable death. An administrative error in our training was to blame.
    One would think that it should go without saying, that a wearing clown mask is in and of itself an hostile gesture. I guess sometimes it needs saying.

    For anyone else who wears a clown mask: We will shoot you in the face, without fail, unless we know you and like you; and even then some people just hate clowns.

    All Brothers have a running bounty with no expiration date. Screenshots or video as evidence. Will pay bonus if your get video of artistic screeching and crying.

    It's simple, kill a Brother, get a reward; kill two or more Brothers at the same time, get an even better reward.

    Kill three at a time? Great! You'll get a gun with a full magazine and an extra magazine. Kill one more in the same day? One more magaroonie for you.
    Kill two of them the next day and don't want another gun? Fine, I'll fill your tummy-tum with home-cooked steaks.

    Wanna make your living by solely killing the Brothers, over and over? Awesome, we'll set you up with a line of credit.
    Got a large group and want to spawn kill them on the coast? Go right ahead. If screenshots and discord screeching line up, you can name your price.

    Any Brother, anytime; pays one full standard magazine per kill. Multi-kills/squadwipe pays one gun of your choosing, or one 60 rd NATO or drum mag, based on availability.
    Deficits to be settled with cooked steaks. 20 cooked meat=one AK or better, 15 cooked meat= 60 or 75 rd mag, 10 cooked meat=one standard magazine.
    Recordings needed to redeem contract; open indefinitely. Contact Village Guards for payment.

    Happy hunting.