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    Some great ideas but until we can secure the holes around the Village walls and tighten up the front gate, we're still just fishes in a barrel. Truth is, we need another location and there's a thread for that with some great location suggestions. If I was a visitor, id not want to give up my weapons or ammo so easily either, I might even start to feel resentment towards the Village.

    Hello survivors,

    In game my name is FreeRanger and before the apocalypse, I was Berezino's most successful shoe salesmen where I repeatedly generated the highest sales at Glastov's shoe warehouse and emporium, your likely wearing a pair of them right now. "I may be kneeling at your feet but that doesn't mean I'm your servant, so lose the ’tude, dude."

    In reality, i'm a middle aged guy from Canada who downloaded DayZ standalone a long time ago as a recommendation from a friend who said "DayZ was always at the top of Steam, so it must be good." So many friends made, countless patches and 3900 hours later, I'm still playing and looking forward to the new chapter here at the Village. I've had the privilege of playing with some amazing people and have even co-starred in a few vids and one of which was with Barely Infected and my personal favorite :) Yeah, I just did that.

    I look forward to our adventures ahead!