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    So there i was, at a water pump in Solinchy. A man named Handz runs up to me on a quest for presents, in an attempt to make it up north we grouped up together and hunted presents. On the way we met someone named Bekek, we didn't trust him as he had said he could of shot us. So when he dissipated at the sound of a gunshot we just ran. At this moment we met a man named Bak he was a very friendly Croatian man. We had decided to go to Novy to give the next friendly person we found a present. But instead what we found was death and murder. Bak sacrificed his life in Novy so Handz and I could run. As we were running away i got shot in the leg ruining a lot of my gear. It was a difficult time. We had a moment of peace at a castle. But i wanted to see if Bak had lived, we ran back to Novy to find that everyone was gone, no gunshots no screaming just silence. It was the last we saw of him, he will be missed.

    Handz and I running back to Novy