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    My Johnny Benson Story
    I staged a Bandit attack at NEAF Village. I talked all the Villagers and Guards to cooperate with a Fake Hold up and we shoved Burlap on everyones head and tied a few people up. I pretended to be the Bandit. I message Benson to save us and his reply...

    I only have an Axe man!"

    I message him "You can do it, He only has a Pistol out!"

    Benson the Brave charges into the village and starts Chopping me to bits, At first I'm pretending to be a bandit but after 5 Swings into my torso I'm uncontrollably laughing, everyone is cheering for Benson, Some people are yelling "NOO STOP!". I'm just laughing uncontrollably and I say "You did it, Benson saves the day".

    I wish my recording saved... Benson has a video somewhere!

    Thank you everyone who has been sending in Contract Requests! Will be pricing jobs based oh difficulty and amount of man power needed. All Contracts will remain anonymous and We will execute most missions with video documentation.

    SENTINEL is up and running and we are looking for work!

    Below is a list of some of the services we plan on offering. SENTINEL is a neutral party and isn't looking to take a stance on political disputes. Our services will be available to everyone and will not be denied purely based on your factions alignment. That being said we do hold the right to refuse service for any reason. We will also not carry out assassinations or kill orders. We will use lethal force to protect ourselves. SENTINEL is broken into 2 branches, BLOODHOUNDS and CERBERUS. Each branch specializes in specific tasks. Examples services and contracts are listed below.


    Example Contracts:
    Payment for these services will be negotiated on a case by case scenario.

    Search and seizure
    Confiscate weapons
    Question or Interrogate
    Payment Collections
    Scout Location
    Track person
    Investigate person


    Example Contracts:
    All CERBERUS contracts should be paid in full, up front for services.

    Base Security
    Location Patrol
    Counter Snipers
    VIP Bodyguards
    Package Guard & Transport

    How do I get a contract with SENTINEL?
    The best way is to discuss the details of what you want when you see us in game. You can also try to contact us through Discord or Steam.

    Please know these details when trying to set up a contract with SENTINEL.

    We do not care why because we are neutral. The more information you can give us the better.
    We will tell you a price if you do not offer. All contracts are subject to negotiation.

    BLOODHOUNDS Example Contract:

    CERBERUS Example Contract:

    Contact Baroness or Ghostown to start negotiations.